Healthy Babies!

To a mother, there is nothing more important than the health and safety of her children. What they eat, where they play, what their little eyes see…it’s a constant worry and factor in the decisions we make. I love learning new ways to improve my children’s lives, which is what I’d like to share with you today!

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I recently joined Seventh Generation’s “Generation Good” online community, which provides a forum for like-minded people to share tips and information on raising our little ones in a clean and safe environment. This is a HUGE priority for me, Continue reading

Stocking The Pantry

The day I’ve been dreading for almost five months is almost here: the day my maternity leave ends. I start back at work in the beginning of May, and besides the overwhelming mommy-sadness I feel, I’m getting nervous about juggling a full-time (and demanding) job and two small children. It wasn’t easy with just J – so I’m sure it’s only going to get harder with another.

Therefore, I’m doing everything that I can now to make my life easier later. First thing on the list: stocking up the pantry and freezer! I am so bad (so very, very bad) at turning to take-out when times get stressful. This is bad for our health as well as our bank account, so I’m getting ahead of the game by stocking up on pantry and freezer essentials.

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Burlap Wreath

Happy Tuesday! How was everyone’s weekend and start to the week? We had BEAUTIFUL weather in Northeast Ohio this weekend (66 degrees and sunny!), but the cold has returned. Sigh. At least the sun has stuck around.

I’m definitely feeling like I have a case of the Mondays…a day late.  L is not sleeping the greatest after around 1:00 pm. He sleeps great for this morning naps, but he can’t seem to settle down for an afternoon one. And don’t even get me started on 4:00 am. I know L will get in the swing of things (he turns three months old this weekend), but until then, we are going to be downing a lot of coffee in this house. I’m trying not to freak out, since I don’t go back to work until the beginning of May, but we have been so spoiled with J, our little champion sleeper.

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Non-toy Gift Ideas for Toddlers

J’s second (SECOND!!) birthday is this week, and because I have such wonderful and generous family and friends, they’ve been asking what the little guy would like for his birthday. Like a lot of kids his age, J has more toys than he could ever play with, so we’ll be asking for some non-toy gifts for him this year. I’ve put together a list of gift ideas that are perfect for toddlers (and their parents) that go beyond the world of toys!


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Oh, hello!

Well…it’s been exactly 10 months since I last posted on here. I’m sad and disappointed with myself that I let such a long time go by, so readers (if there are any of you still out there), here’s a quick catch-up of the last 10 months:

  1. About a week after I posted my last entry, we found out we were adding another baby to our family! Our second son (L) was born the Saturday after Thanksgiving. L is healthy and a welcome addition to our clan. J loves being a big brother…most of the time. 🙂
  2. J has been delighting us left and right during his second year. I always heard how jam-packed a baby’s first year is with milestones, but WOW – the second year doesn’t disappoint either. Walking, running, talking, dancing, problem-solving, singing…every day is so fun! Of course, it’s far from sunshine and rainbows all the time (hellloooooo, temper tantrums!), but just watching him grow and learn has brought so much joy and wonder to our lives. J turns two this month.
  3. My handsome firefighter husband started a part-time job on top of his full-time gig, which has made scheduling sort of crazy around here, but he loves it…and I love that he is so happy with his chosen line of work. Speaking of work, this fall I was promoted. Along with a fancy new title came a fancy new office. I tell ya, a door is a GAME CHANGER for long conference calls. Speaker phone has become by best friend.
  4. I signed up for my first 5K since having L. Actually, it’s my first race in over a year, so it’s going to be slow going. A friend of mine from high school signed up with me, which gives me motivation to get out there and train!

That’s just a small sampling of what happened since I last posted. Of course, there are tons of other newsworthy events that occurred (My sister had twin boys! My best friend got married!), but this would be a very loooong post if I went into all that. So for now, I’ll just say this: I’m so happy to be back. Writing for this blog has been so fun for me, but also therapeutic. By nature, I’m very number-driven and task-oriented, however, I do have a creative side that doesn’t get to shine very often. So, since I’m on maternity leave for at least two more months, I thought this would be the perfect time to get my creative mojo on. This is a work in progress, but I’m thinking of setting weekly goals that will challenge me in various ways:

  1. My culinary side – Raise your hand if you have about 2 million recipes saved on Pinterest that you haven’t tried. Both of my hands are up, which is shame because I have pinned some delicious looking recipes. Therefore, every week, I want to put my Pinterest boards (here and here) to work and try a new recipe. Up this week – a Mississippi Roast. (Am I the only one who has to sing that little song in order to spell Mississippi? Every.time.)mississippi-roast-tablefortwoblog-3Source
  2. My craft / DIY side – My mother and sister amaze me at how crafty they are. I wish I possessed the creativity gene they share, and I’m in a constant state of awe at their ability to sit down to work on a project instead of, say, starting another Netflix marathon (which is especially impressive now I’ve told them about Making a Murderer. Guys, seriously – YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT). My home is devoid of so many DIY wonders, and it makes me sad. So again – my Pinterest board is finally going to get some love and attention. This week I plan on attempting a wreath. I haven’t decided if it will be Valentine’s Day wreath or a spring one…but either way, I’ll be sure to post pictures, no matter how awful it turns out. I’m also including organizational projects in this category, since they are technically DIY. And a lot of times just as pretty as craft projects.
  3. My literary side – I just love reading so much. That’s really all I have to say about that. My goal on Goodreads is to read 36 books this year. I’m on my sixth book, A God in Ruins. It’s the sequel to Life After Life (which I loved). I figure if I get a good start on my goal while on maternity leave, I can reach 36 by the end of 2016. Any good recommendations?

Thanks for sticking with me…if anyone did. And if my audience has dwindled to zero, that’s ok. I started this blog four years ago (!!!) for fun, and that hasn’t changed. Here’s to a productive and creative 2016!


Friday Favorites: Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Today we are officially under the two week mark until Thanksgiving! Are you hosting this year? If so, do you have your table planned? I’m not hosting, so there will be no tablescaping for me, which is probably for the better because that is a lot of hard work! Instead, I decided to look through all the gorgeous fruits of everyone else’s labor and put together my favorites in this post. That counts as work, right? 🙂

Favorite blue, gold and cream



Favorite use of wheat:



Favorite all white tablescape:



Favorite preppy table:



Favorite use of a lantern:



Favorite purple tablescape:



Favorite farm table + lights!



And finally – favorite kids table:



With love,

Sweet Summertime + “Fall”ing in Love

Hi, everyone! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on here – and I miss you all!

I’m so excited for the next couple of weeks – I have a  little fun planned for True Whit for the month of September. But before we get to that, here’s a quick recap on how summer has gone in my small corner of the world:

The summer has been an exciting one for those of us living in Northeast Ohio (or as we say “NEO”). To name a few things..

– The Republican National Committee has named Cleveland as the site for the 2016 Republican National Convention. This is HUGE for NEO – this not only means national attention (finally!!) for our wonderful city, but it also means big-time revenue for local hotels and restaurants. And speaking of increased revenue for our area vendors…

– Lebron James is coming home! I always forget that not everyone was so shaken and upset by how he left years ago – so for a (very) short recap, check out my blog post about it. When Lebron made that huge spectacle of leaving the Cavs, most people in NEO were really mad. Not that he was leaving – he can do whatever he wants – but just HOW he was leaving. Cleveland didn’t deserve that, and we definitely didn’t need that. We are fighting hard to show the country that YES – Cleveland is a desirable place to live! YES – there are TONS to do and see! And YES – there is plenty to be proud of in NEO. Making such a public scene was narcissistic and hurtful. I vowed I would never get over it – and I won’t. I lost a lot of respect for Lebron, my fellow Akron native. But now, he’s coming home – and I couldn’t be happier. No, I have not forgotten all about “The Decision”, and yes, I will always dislike that Lebron, but that was four years ago.  A lot can change in four years, and it appears Lebron has. His announcement on was so heart-felt and honest. I seriously teared up while reading it. He hit the nail right on the head:

In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given. Everything is earned. You work for what you have.

Yes – everything is earned. Even forgiveness. We all make mistakes – even the Cavs fans and owners – and we all deserve a second chance. So, welcome home, Lebron! Let’s get Cleveland that NBA Title!

– In more recent Cavs news, we also got Kevin Love! Lots of talk about Cleveland being a title contender, and I couldn’t be more excited. Ok, actually, I am more excited about…

– The Browns! Any football fan knows the Browns have had more than our share of downs over the years – and unfortunately I’m not talking about first downs. The Browns haven’t exactly been the powerhouse team we have all dreamed about for many, many years, but that’s ok. I love them just the same. But this year, Brian Hoyer is back and healthy, and we had an amazing draft – which included drafting Heisman-winner Johnny Manziel. I’m still unsure about him, but if he is going to grow up and be our team’s leader, I’m all for it. But for now, I’m Team Hoyer. However, it doesn’t matter to me who ends up leading the Browns –  I just hope we have a winning season! Browns fans deserve it.

– And the most exciting news of all – J turned 6 months old! The half-year mark is both a very exciting and very sad one for me. I love watching him grow and learn new things, but each milestone is a reminder that he’s going to grow up and leave me someday. I know, I know – I’m getting a little ahead of myself. But I can’t help it. He’s my little miracle, and I want him to stay with me forever and ever. I know you’re rolling your eyes – and that’s fine. I would probably roll my eyes at me too.

Summer comes to an “official” end this Labor Day weekend. As much as I love summer, I always get excited for the season coming full-force at us: fall. The colors, the weather, the clothes, the PUMPKIN – there is just so much about fall that makes me smile. So to celebrate my favorite season, I’m going to kick off my “30 Days of “Fall”ing in Love” each day of September. I’m so excited to share 30 of my favorite fall decorating tips, recipes and fall-centric things I love, but what I’m REALLY excited about is my guest blogger! My younger sister, Kendall, will be posting along with me. She’s so super smart, funny and wonderful – so I know she’ll have some great things to share.

See you all, September 1st!