The Art of Scarf Tying

Oh, fall – how I love thee. Let me count the ways…

Your wonderful flavors – pumpkin, apple and maple.

Your glorious scents – cinnamon, nutmeg and browned sugar.

Your beautiful colors – orange, red and yellow.

Your comfy, chic fashion  – boots, sweaters and SCARVES!

I already shared my love of all-things cable knit, so today I wanted to share my passion for scarves.

Simply put, I love scarves. I wear them all through fall, winter and spring (and yes, I do believe in the “summer scarf”). They have the ability to take the “blah” out of any outfit, and I really think they have magical slimming powers, if worn correctly.

Here is my favorite video on 25 ways to tie a scarf. It’s just under 5 minutes long, and it’s so good!

Here are two graphics from a website with tons of scarf tying tricks:

12-more-ways-to-tie-a-scarf-837x1024 scarf_graphic


Any good ones I’m missing?

With love,


While I do not personally knit (cable or otherwise), I’m obsessed with pretty much everything the craft produces. You can’t get cozier or comfier than this!






(the ridiculousness of the sweater / shorts combo is  not lost on me. I just really love that sweater)



Especially the ones with elbow patches on babies (OHMYGOSH THE CUTENESS!)






I want to crawl into that bed NOW!






















Fingerless gloves.



Cup cozy (DIY!!).



Ok, I’m done. But seriously, as I sit here freezing in my cotton cardigan, I think I may spend my evening online shopping for all things cable knit. Because, well, FALL!

With love,

Stop the Gym Snobbery!

I’ve been noticing something happening on Facebook lately: more and more people are posting about exercising. I think this is awesome (you’re working hard – be proud!), however, what I do take issue with is a sudden onset of “gym snobbery” in some folks.


What is gym snobbery? Well, my definition is the act of expressing any sort of superiority over others based solely on the fact that you work out, especially when your comments are directed at other gym go-ers. For example, around New Years, I can’t count how many people posted rants on Facebook about “resolutioners” and how they need to get out of the way / go to another gym / give up already. One particular ranter really grated my nerves when he said these “fat, lazy” people should go “back to their couches where they belong”.


I’m all for freedom of speech, but really people? This really bugs me for several reasons…

1. First, I find it unbearable (and even laughable) how big some people’s “Facebook balls” are. Why has it become acceptable for people to say horrible, hurtful things on social media? I would bet my last dollar that 99.9% of those posting about these so-called “fat, lazy” people would never, ever say something like that to someone’s face. So why is it ok to hide behind the facade of Facebook? In my opinion, it’s not, but I’m sure the reason is because it’s safe. Any retaliation will be minor – and can easily be ignored. So what if you work out and have big muscles – if you have to hide behind social media to rant, you’re a bit of a chicken. And for the record – starting a sentence with “No offense, but…” does not give you free reign to just say whatever rude or callous comment you’d like – in real life OR online. What’s the point of working on your external appearance if what’s on the inside isn’t so pretty?

2. Secondly, be nice. You were not born lifting weights and running a 6-minute mile, so don’t expect that of anyone else. Any time we make a change in our lives, whether that’s eating better, working out or quitting a bad habit, we need to start from square one. Getting into shape takes time and commitment for anyone, including yourself (if you recall), so why are you expecting someone else to know their way around a gym immediately? As someone who will be VERY out of shape once I can start exercising again, I beg you: please give us time. Yes, there will be people who stop going to the gym after a few weeks, but that’s their decision to make. Do you really want your cold stares and eye rolls to be part of the reason they quit? I sure wouldn’t.

3. Finally, isn’t it kind of ironic that people who are so devoted to physical fitness are the ones chastising others’ efforts to get into shape? Exercise is recommended for almost everyone’s well-being, so it should be encouraged and ANY effort applauded. The fitness buffs I respect the most are not the ones with the nicest abs or the fastest mile time. Instead, they all have the following characteristic in common:

They support and encourage others’ accomplishments, no matter how trivial the accomplishment may seem.

A story involving my mom is a perfect example of this. For most of her life, my mom was very active. She played several sports in high school and was part of a co-ed softball team for many of her adult years. But as it often does, work, children and life in general got in the way of maintaining that lifestyle. However, this year, my mom decided she wanted to start doing 5K races. She did her first one this earlier this month, and I am so proud of her!

The new runner - at our celebratory lunch
The new runner – at our celebratory lunch

Did she come in first place? Of course not. In fact, she even took breaks to walk. Did the runners and race volunteers waiting at the finish line roll their eyes and shake their heads when she finished? Of course not. They cheered and encouraged her to finish strong. And you know what? My mom cannot wait to do her next race. I wonder if she would feel the same way had those people reacted negatively.

Bottom line – if a Boston marathoner can congratulate a woman who just ran a 5K more than three times slower than he did, you can certainly support someone who is using the elliptical for the first time.

So – stop the gym snobbery! Instead, be the person others seek out when they have questions, want advice or just need motivation. THAT will make you attractive on the inside, since you clearly already have the outside covered.

I love this. IT'S STILL A MILE!
I love this. IT IS STILL A MILE!

Red, White and Blue-tiful

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Pinterest, chances are you have seen those lovely fashion boards created on the website Polyvore. I have no idea what took me so long to try out the website – but I finally did. My inspiration was the approaching Independence Day holiday and the desire to wear something festive without a) going overly star-spangled-banner-y and b) not buying anything new.

I started by “shopping” my closest for red and blue pieces. If you haven’t tried “shopping” your closet, you should definitely give it a go! The concept is to go through your clothes, shoes and accessories and try as hard as you can to put new outfits together. For me, this can be tough, since I get into such a routine when it comes to clothes. As silly as it sounds, I have actually asked my husband to help me put together outfits. His “fresh” eyes see combinations I never would have. So, while I certainly do not have the exact items of clothing on Polyvore (I mean, who can afford that?!), I do have items like them.

So, by being a little creative, I put together several outfits on Polyvore that I think are the right combination of chic and Americana, or what I am calling Red, White and Blue-tiful. Check them out below, or on my Pinterest board! And don’t forget about your nails – try this polka-dot trick with any combination of red, white and blue!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Independence Day weekend! And THANK YOU to all those who have served or who are currently serving to protect our beloved freedom!!


What I plan to wear for the Rib, White and Blue festival in Akron this weekend.


For the Indians game this weekend. Topped off with a Tribe hat and it’s perfect!


I won’t be wearing this outfit anywhere near food. redwhiteblue3

And finally – what I wore to work today 🙂 It transitioned perfectly to wine-night with a friend.

P.S. Polyvore is amazing! I’m already addicted. It really reminds me of Cher’s computer program she used to put together outfits from her closest in the movie Clueless. Does anyone else remember that?! It was the coolest thing ever! My inner 11-year-old’s dream has finally come true!

Friday Favorites – June 21

Hooray, it’s Friday! To celebrate the end of another work week, I’ve collected a few world-wide-web gems that made me smile this week.

1. My favorite “screw a diet and enjoy life” shirt.


2. Prancercising. This woman’s seriousness while prancing makes me smile. And whatever her age, she’s glamorous.

3. Even dogs make decisions they later regret. I was crying while reading this. So funny!

"Oh - I didn't expect you home so soon."
“Oh – I didn’t expect you home so soon.”

4. Taylor Swift’s hilarious (but fake!) tweet about the new Kardashian baby:


[Here’s a little reminder of when Kanye interrupted Taylor’s acceptance speech at the VMA’s in 2009. Payback!]

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

August 2012 Birchbox

August’s Birchbox is celebrating the time of year that always made me crazy excited and crazy nervous at the same time: back to school. That’s right, summer is almost officially over. Is anyone else shaking their heads in disbelief?

The theme of this month’s Birchbox is “Beauty School”:




The box included some beauty tips, including “5 Tips to a Better Shave”, “Make-up Quick Fixes” and “Tools of the Trade”. I’ll certainly be keeping this.


Wow – great Birchbox this month! Here’s what I got:

– whish Three Wishes Body Butter: pomegranate scented and capable of making skin unbelievably soft
– Juicy Couture “Viva la Juicy”: this perfume is a winner. I put the scent on before our ballroom dancing lesson this week; Ryan loved it.
– Miss Jessie’s Original Pillow Soft Curl Lotion: Birchbox, how did you know I have curly hair? I cannot wait to try this
– DDF Brightening Cleanser: this is supposed to even out skin-tone, which is something I could sure use. At 2 ounces, it’s a pretty big size, too.
– Schick Hydro Slick razor with one cartridge: it might be the end of summer, but that doesn’t mean I won’t need to shave my legs through the fall! I have used this razor before and loved it. Bonus: it includes a $4 off coupon for a cartridge refill.

Another successful Birchbox – and again, definitely worth the $10.

July 2012 Birchbox

How awesome is this month’s Birchbox?! For July, Birchbox teamed up with Glamour magazine for the five senses of summer:


(I love the theme this month, but I have to say one thing: I really hate the design of the box. I might be crazy, but doesn’t it look like 5 multi-colored tongues? Kind of grosses me out. Anyway, moving on…)

I was particularly interested in what “hear it” and “taste it” were, since I haven’t received anything that makes sound from Birchbox before and, well, I like food.


Here is what came to my house this month:

* Harvey Prince’s “Hello” perfume – yum! Love this scent
* stila lip glaze – this gloss in “It’s Go Time” promises “shimmery color with mega-watt shine”. Meg-watt shine indeed! Not for the office, but would be perfect for a night out.
* Gloss Moderne high-gloss hair masque – very excited about trying this.
* Ada Comesmetics bronzer – I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: yay, bronzer!

The “lifestyle extras” were the part I was waiting for: hear it and taste it.

* Earbuds designed by Birchbox – Ok, lime green and hot pink earbuds? You better believe I put those suckers on right away and took them for a test-jog. I’m convinced they made me runner faster (or at least look cooler).
* Larabar uber bar – bananas foster flavor…I can’t bring myself to eat it because then it will be gone! I’ve heard these are amazing.


If you haven’t tried Birchbox yet, I would highly recommend it. The excitement and anticipation of getting that little box and seeing what’s in it is so worth the $10. And I’ve found that the products inside would cost far more than $10 if purchased. It’s on a month-by-month basis, so you can cancel anytime. Something else to consider – you can give the gift of Birchbox! A friend of mine’s birthday is today (Happy birthday, Katie!), and because I think her and Birchbox would make a perfect pair, I gifted her Birchbox for the next 3 months. Great idea for a girl (or guy! They have men’s boxes too) who has everything.