House updates – May 2017

Hi, everyone! I hope your Memorial Day weekend was full of family, friends, and food. We had a few thunderstorms on Sunday, but overall, the weather was GREAT in Akron. I had Friday and Monday off of work, which made for a lovely, wonderful four-day weekend. Ryan’s family came into town because….he was promoted at work!! He’s now officially a lieutenant at the Lorain Fire Department. We couldn’t be prouder of him – and I couldn’t be more nervous about having to learn to spell lieutenant now (thank heavens for auto correct!).

I’ve been slowly incorporating what I like to call “farmhouse prep” into our house. I love the simple, rustic details of a “farmhouse” style, but my hearts also flutters for the clean stripes and hints of gold found in a “preppy” style. It’s an evolving style, and I’m having so much fun with it. 

{None of the links below are affiliate links. I just included for reference!}

Here is one of our “coffee stations”. This one is for the regular coffee pot; we have another for the Keurig. If you can’t tell, we drink a lot of coffee in our house. Before, I just had the coffee maker and a stack of cookbooks. It was okay…but I decided I wanted something different. I added a black and white print of the wine bottles that I had in storage and a hand-painted sign I got from a local Town and Country store. Total cost = $15 for the sign.

Another small and inexpensive project: butcher prints! I found these online and printed them on card stock. I got frames from Dollar Tree for $1 each. I am literally the WORST at hanging things on walls (just ask my husband), so he has banned me from using a hammer and nail when he isn’t home. It’s really for the best, but I was so impatient to get these on the wall that I decided to finally try out some Command picture hanging strips I got a while ago.


They worked perfectly! I was impressed how easy they were to use, and best of all – no holes in the wall! Total cost of these prints = $2.59 ($2 for the frames + $0.59 for the two sets of Command strips) plus small amounts I didn’t quantify for the ink and card stock.

No farmhouse is complete without a magnolia wreath. I made this one for under $20 in about 10 minutes. I’m totally in love! I posted this on my Instagram account and got a few “how did you do that?!”‘s, so I’m working on a DIY post. Joanna Gaines would be proud, don’tchathink? 🙂

I saw a cotton boll wreath while doing some online shopping and that decided it: I needed to have one in my life. They sell for at least $50 on Etsy, so I wanted to give it a DIY try before buying. I’m glad I did; it was super simple and only cost me around $30. I originally intended to hang it in our half-bath, but I need to build this fence gate first. I didn’t want to wait to display it, so I attached it to another black and white print I had in storage (I have a thing for B&W!) and put it up on the ledge in our dining room.

Who else loves throw pillows?! They are the bane of my husband’s existence, but I would have 1,000 if I could. I purchased two of these linen pillow covers with a beige and white plaid from Amazon:

At only $6.99 each, they were a steal. I used pillow inserts from two pillows I wasn’t using at the moment, so the total cost for these was under $15. I had a gift card to World Market to use, and as soon as I saw this pillow, I needed to have it. NEEDED!!!

Faux Cowhide Throw Pillow

This faux cowhide pillow is even more beautiful in person. The problem will be keeping it away from my husband and children, who love the soft, cuddly “fur”. This pillow is only $24.99 – and right now World Market has free shipping on pillows.

This isn’t really a house update, but while I was shopping at World Market, I picked up two of these coffee mugs for $3.99 each. Very “farmhouse prep”, right? 🙂

White Embossed Coffee Mugs, set of 2

White Embossed Coffee Mugs, set of 2

I’ve been wanting to replace the curtains in our dining room since the moment we put them up. They are just so….blah. The color is pretty and all, but there is nothing inspiring about them. And they are so thick! Just about all light was blocked from coming into our dining room. Fine for bedrooms, not so much for a room where we gather around the family table.

In line with our “refresh” of our home, I picked out these curtains from Amazon ($40 for two panels). They are just so wonderful. When I put them up, I was instantly amazed at the difference they made. Our dining room is now full of natural light, which has a huge impact. And I love the big stripes!

Looks like I need to get my steamer out though. Holy wrinkles! Oops 🙂

And finally, last but not least, the biggest project that happened in our home in May: our barn doors! Ryan and his dad built these awesome, amazing, beautiful barn doors in just one afternoon. They turned out even better than I imagined and best of all, the materials cost under $100 for both! We now need to stain them and hang them – so check back in for more details on that! I do plan on posting a DIY for these once they are all done.

Phew! Seems like we did a lot in May, but there is plenty more to do this summer. Happy last day of May – and welcome, June!

With love,

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