Gift Ideas for First Responders

If someone you love is a first responder, you know all too well the mix of overwhelming pride and fear concerning their job. Firefighters, police officers, military personnel and paramedic/EMTs are the ones running in while others are running out. My husband, a firefighter and parmedic (and Army veteran!) half-jokingly says that to me, but it’s so true. These everyday-heroes are not compensated for their daily sacrifices. I started writing this post on a day we lost a local police officer to a hit-and-run driver. My heart breaks for the family and friends of that officer, as well as the members of his department. I know that technically all of us are all putting our lives into danger by just getting up and going to work everyday – no matter our profession – but no one can argue that these men and women are quite literally risking it all for the sake of the lives of complete strangers.

So – before I say anything else – THANK YOU to all first responders and their families. Your sacrifices are not overlooked. ❤

If you have a first responder in your life and need gift ideas for them, I’ve compiled a list of items either purchased by or given to my husband over the years that he absolutely loves. Some are practical, some are just cool – but all of them will show the hero in your life how much they mean to you.

Have more gift ideas for first responders? Please share in the comments! I’m always looking for new ideas.

{None of these links are affiliate links – I get nothing if you click and purchase!}

  1. Qalo rings – Qalo rings are made from medical grade silicone. Their Q2X rings are tolerant of extreme temperatures (-75 degrees F to 575 degrees F), and they are really comfortable. My husband loves them (he has 8 last I counted) and wears them on the job and while working out. There are ton to choose from, but my favorite are the “Thin Line” rings that support foundations for police officers, firemen and EMTs.

    Qalo also has rings that support breast cancer  research and has partnered with the U.S. Army for a collection. They have mens and womens rings and fit true to size. Check them out – I think you’ll be impressed with their selection.

  2. “Always come home to me” Keychain – When I saw this keychain, I cried big ugly tears. I knew I had to get it for Ryan, even if it is sappy as sappy can get. This shop has the same keychain for police officers and variations of the wording if you’d like something different.Gift for Firefighter, Fireman Gift, Gifts for Men, Fireman Gift, Hand Stamped Keychain, Couples Keychain Set, His One, Her Only, Firefighter
  3. Firehouse Subs Sauce – Firehouse Subs sells their signature sauce in the cutest bottle I’ve ever seen! You can guy this at your local restaurant, or online (here is one site I found it on). It not only looks good – it’s also a good hot sauce.capture
  4. Patent prints – Check out this Etsy shop for seriously cool patent prints of firefighter, police and military items – and many, many other categories. These are chic enough to hang in any room of your house.Police Hat Poster, Police Hat Patent, Police Hat Print, Police Hat Art, Police Hat Decor, Police Hat Wall Art, Police Hat Blueprint
  5. COFFEE! It’s kind of a cliche that first responders work long hours…but seriously, they do. Help your first responder survive those middle-of-the-night calls with some coffee that gives back:Black Rifle Coffee Company – founded by a veteran – and he employs veterans at his coffee company.

    AK-47 Espresso Coffee Rounds
    Beyond Black Coffee Blend

    Third Alarm Coffee Company – started by a firefighter and his family, this company donates up to 10% of all purchases to the Firefighter Cancer Support Network. This coffee is also fair-trade and sustainable sourced.



    Blue Angel Coffee Company – This company was started by a police officer and veteran. They also donate a portion of the sales to non-profits that support first responders.

    Blue Angel Coffee K-Cup 6Pk

    Blue Angel Coffee Co. - Colombian - Blue Angel Coffee

  6. Firestarter Vodka – I can’t take the credit for this one. One of our friends bought this for Ryan when he got his first job on a fire department. So very cool!

    Firestarter Vodka

Of course, nothing beats a heart-felt handwritten note thanking the first responder in your life for their sacrifices. I admit that I sometimes take for granted how hard Ryan’s job is – not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. So take just a minute to say hi and THANK YOU to someone who risks it all to protect others.

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With love,

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