Our House Projects 2017

Like a lot of people, I’ve really gotten into the farmhouse style of home decor. It reminds me of my childhood and speaks to my very soul.

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The comforting fabrics, warm wood and rustic decor make my heart sing! And all the whites and neutrals look so cool and clean. Swoon. Our house is very much NOT a farmhouse style, however, I’ve convinced my husband to incorporate some DIY farmhouse projects into our spring and summer plans. Ryan was eerily easy to talk  into these projects, which I’m sure had nothing to do with the buying of and playing with power tools. Nothing at all. 🙂

Truthfully, I’m pretty excited to get my power tool game on as well! Last summer, we built a small fence in our back yard – complete with a gate – and it really was a fun and satisfying experience. This year, we’ve already repainted our entire first floor in a beautiful light tan, and we refinished and painted our kitchen cabinets a crisp white. It’s amazing what some paint can do – it really has transformed the look of our house.

Below are the projects we have planned for this summer, broken down into three categories: “definitely doing”, “doing if there’s time” and “doing this but my husband doesn’t know it yet”.

Definitely Doing

1. Barn door

I LOVE BARN DOORS IN HOMES. Any type. Any place. There is no bad place to have a barn door in my humble opinion, yet our home is completely void of one. That’s going to change this summer, and I couldn’t be more excited! This is the one Ryan is going to start with because as it turns out, HE LOVES BARN DOORS TOO! A match made in heaven, I tell you.

We haven’t decided on the exact one yet, but here are the final contenders:

Nothing says farmhouse style quite like barnwood doors! We love these country-chic sliding doors for inside the home.:

Love the look of this one – not the color. It looks TOO intentionally rugged, you know? Source.


This is probably my favorite, but Ryan likes the traditional ones better. Source.


This is probably what our finished doors will look most like. Perhaps a darker stain, but this style is what we both really like. And hi, this site has the how-to for $30 hardware (versus A LOT more on other sites). I’m in. Source.

2. Shiplap walls

Yes, I said shiplap! Big fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines over here. I love them for many reasons, but their dedication to something that works is powerful. Shiplap just NEEDS to be in my house, and we are going to do that in our first-floor half bath. Currently, there is wallpaper below the chair rail in the bathroom, and while it’s very nice and of high quality, I can’t stand it. Because taking it down would have required taking out the toilet and sink, we skipped doing so when we took down the rest of the wallpaper in the house (a task that will haunt me for the rest of my life. I don’t know the previous owners of our house but I cursed their names several times during that two-month long ordeal). Well, seven years later, I’m officially sick and tired of looking at that wallpaper. Instead of taking it down, we are going to cover it up – with shiplap! I found a great tutorial on putting shiplap in bathrooms, and the contractor we’ve hired to help us do a few things around the house says the project should be pretty simple.

Bless'er House | How to Install a Plank Wall in a Bathroom


3. Other Half Bath Updates

After the shiplap addition, we are replacing the offensive gold bathroom hardware with bronze fixtures (yes, I think our current bathroom hardware is so hideous that it’s offensive to the eyes. And if you ask my family and friends, I’m not at all dramatic about things like this). We’ll also be switching out the light fixture and mirror. I really like the looks of this:

 Farmhouse bathroom IKEA style! There is just something about a farmhouse that is homey and inviting. Majority of the decorations used is from IKEA | Design Dazzle


 Finally, a small DIY project to hang on the wall:



I’m going to use either a cotton boll wreath or a magnolia leaf wreath instead of the olive branch one shown above.

Doing If There’s Time

1. Shiplap in our bedroom

Ryan and I are both in agreement that our master bedroom needs a sprucing up. We both like the color of the walls (a soothing medium gray) and the floor (natural hardwood) but the decor is…meh. Beyond the basic bedroom furniture (bed, dresser, etc.) we haven’t put much thought into it, so it’s turned into a boring and often hectic atmosphere, as nothing really flows the way it should. We plan on doing some small things (new comforter, banishing the dogs, etc.), but one thing I’d LOVE to do is add shiplap the wall behind our bed. I think this would really make the room more of a retreat setting and set the tone for the rest of the updates we do (maybe even a mirrored barn door?!).


Mirrored Barn Door on Rails


2. Floating shelves

I’m totally copying off my sister here, but I’m head over heels for these shelves. Kendall and her husband swear they are easy to do, and since she has yet to lie to me, we’re going with it.

{This is the first of  many Shanty 2 Chic projects we’ll be doing in our lifetime. I love these girls!}

Simple DIY Floating Shelves


3. Turn our kitchen pass-through into an “island”

Our house was built in the 1920s, so while it doesn’t have all the conveniences of a modern home, it has certain charms that you just cannot find in newer homes. One of those wonderful charms is a “pass-through” from the kitchen to the dining room. Right now, the only purpose it serves is a place for mail to collect and/or a train track for my 3-year-old, so Ryan and I have discussed turning it into something more usable. I found some plans on the interwebs for a DIY “island” for these pass-throughs, so if we have the time this summer, we’ll give this currently unused space a little face lift.



Doing This But My Husband Doesn’t Know It Yet

1. Farmhouse table

There are just certain things a farmhouse-style home needs, and one of those is a farmhouse table. Our current dining room table is just fine, but the problem is – it’s just FINE. We’ve had it for seven years, so even though it’s fully functional and still in decent shape, I would really like to upgrade to a newer one. Fortunately for me, there are a ton of DIY plans for these kinds of tables, so once I can convince Mr. Power Tools that it will be a fun and relatively fast project, I think he’ll get on board the Farmhouse Table Express with me.


One of many tutorials. This one is from Shanty 2 Chic, and the estimated cost is $75 for materials.

2. Bench for our foyer

Our house doesn’t have a dedicated mudroom (it’s on the wish list for our next home!) but it does have a decent sized foyer. We do a good job of keeping things organized in the foyer, but we are missing a place to sit down to put on our shoes. I’m also picturing adding hooks for the boys’ coats – something our current set up doesn’t allow for. We’ll see about the hooks and other finishing touches, but the bench is a MUST!

DIY Pallet Furniture Ideas - DIY Pallet Storage Bench - Best Do It Yourself Projects Made With Wooden Pallets - Indoor and Outdoor, Bedroom, Living Room, Patio. Coffee Table, Couch, Dining Tables, Shelves, Racks and Benches http://diyjoy.com/diy-pallet-furniture-projects:


3. Painting the boys’ room

Yep. We’re doing it. After seeing what paint did to the first floor, I simply cannot leave the boys’ rooms as they currently are. JJ’s room is still the same color we painted it for his nursery, and as great as the calm green was for a newborn, I think our sweet and active boy deserves an upgrade. And since Luke joined us three weeks earlier than expected, we didn’t get a chance to paint his room (AKA our former guest room), so it is still the same olive green. Nice for a guest room, not for a cute little boy. I think this will be the hardest to sell Ryan on…so wish me luck! And babe, if you’re reading this – I love you and think you are the manliest man of all men. 🙂

Here are some of my “dream” rooms for my boys. We’ll probably end up with themes of firefighters or Superman, but a boymom can dream, right?

Boy's bedroom. Country Living, May 2017:

Source – Country Living Magazine, April 2017

Great Outdoors Guest Room


Boys Bedroom | Kids Room | Cottage Style | Schoolhouse Electric Bedding | Characters by Julia Snail Trophy | Land of Nod Jenny Lind Bed



As you can tell, we have our work cut out for use this summer. I’m trying to keep my expectations realistic, but I’m hoping the three items on our “definitely” list get done. Wish us luck!

With love,


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