National Margarita Day!

What a day, what a day, what a day. I think the universe knew I would be partaking in National Margarita Day by enjoying a refreshing cocktail this evening, so it threw every possible curve ball at me. But there is no way I’m letting a few hiccups get in the way of enjoying this beauty:

3 Ingredient Skinny Margaritas - The easiest margarita you'll ever taste - under 70 calories!! #skinny #margarita #alcohol

My favorite margarita of all time is a jalapeno one my dear friend Valaree made for me when I visited her in Chicago a few years ago. I was pregnant, so it wasn’t even technically a real cocktail, but man – it was so good! I must have drank an entire pitcher by myself. Since I’m watching what I eat (and drink) right now, that margartia isn’t in the stars for me today, but this low-cal margarita (pictured above) has just three ingredients and is only 65 calories. Couldn’t be simplier – and hopefully, couldn’t be tastier! I’ll let you know the verdict.

Well, now that we’re all home and the kiddos are in bed – it’s time for chicken fajita bowls and, of course, margaritas!

Happy National Margarita Day, everyone!

With love,

2 thoughts on “National Margarita Day!

  1. Would love to try the jalapeno margarita! I celebrated National Margarita Day with Linda at LaTerrazza with a Sangria margarita (or two…they’re small!) and a very good Pork Campagnola. Happy Margarita Day 🙂

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