Burlap Wreath

Happy Tuesday! How was everyone’s weekend and start to the week? We had BEAUTIFUL weather in Northeast Ohio this weekend (66 degrees and sunny!), but the cold has returned. Sigh. At least the sun has stuck around.

I’m definitely feeling like I have a case of the Mondays…a day late.  L is not sleeping the greatest after around 1:00 pm. He sleeps great for this morning naps, but he can’t seem to settle down for an afternoon one. And don’t even get me started on 4:00 am. I know L will get in the swing of things (he turns three months old this weekend), but until then, we are going to be downing a lot of coffee in this house. I’m trying not to freak out, since I don’t go back to work until the beginning of May, but we have been so spoiled with J, our little champion sleeper.


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Anyway, my latest DIY goal was to make a Valentine’s Day or Spring wreath for our front door. After looking through lots of wreath ideas, I settled on this one as my inspiration:


It’s from an Etsy store that is no longer in operation, so there were definitely no instructions on how to make it. Being the crazy person that I am, I decided to go ahead with making one like this. Here is my finished product:

spring burlap wreath 2

I am in love with this wreath, and I can’t wait to make another one! I’ve definitely been bitten by the craft bug.

First, how I did it: I used this tutorial for the burlap wreath, although to be honest, this is a hard concept to read about and then do, even for a visual learner like me. The instructions on how to get started helped a lot, but once you get the in-and-out rhythm, you probably won’t need a how-to. You’ll see very quickly how the loops are made and how to make them bigger or smaller, depending on how you want the wreath to look. Making the burlap wreath seemed to take FOR-EH-VER (said in my best Sand Lot voice).

Haha I love that movie! One of my childhood favorites.

Anyway, even though the burlap took a long time, I was able to enjoy a couple of episodes of Gilmore Girls, so it was quite relaxing and enjoyable. Public Service Announcement – the burlap sheds like CRAZY, so I would suggest working on a washable sheet or blanket to prevent the tiny little threads from taking over your couch or floor. My navy blue pants looked surprising brown after I was all done with the burlap.

Once I got the burlap done, the rest of the wreath seemed to take no time at all. I painted the wooden “B”, and while that dried, I glued on the flowers. For my wreath, I stayed with the pink flowers for a fun spring look. I chose to go with two pre-made bouquets at Hobby Lobby, instead of arranging my own. The cost was the same as a regular bundle of fake flowers, so I figured why not! Someone else had already done the work for me. I used hot glue to attach the flowers, and for the two large blooms, I also secured them with flower wire.

{Please ignore the other letters – those are for a different project!}

Once the “B” was dry (I did two coats of white paint), I attached that to the wreath using hot glue on both the top and bottom (basically, anywhere the letter touched the burlap). Since the wreath would be hanging on our front door and thus subject to lots of motion, I wanted some added protection from the possibility of the letter coming loose. You can see how the top left part of the “B” is partially covered by the flowers, so I used some floral wire to secure the “B” to the metal wreath frame. I then painted the wire with white paint to camouflage it as best as I could.

Finally, a floral wire loop attached to the top of the wreath frame allowed me to quickly and easily hang the wreath on our front door.


Supplies – I bought all of my supplies at my local Hobby Lobby, so I used their website for the links below. These are NOT affiliates links, and I get nothing from any purchases made from them.

  • Wreath frame – I used a 20″ one, which was quite large, but it fits our front door well.
  • Burlap – I used five rolls, so if you go with a larger or smaller wreath frame, adjust the amount accordingly. Obviously, I did NOT use red burlap, but for some reason, this is the only color Hobby Lobby has online.
  • Floral Wire – you’ll have a TON left over for other projects.
  • Floral stem / wire cutter
  • Hot glue gun – use what you have, but I really love this mini one. It’s low cost and because of its size, you can get into small places while working with it.
  • Artificial flowers of your choice
  • Wooden letter – I used a 13″ one.
  • Paint – I used white. Just use one that works on wood.
  • Paint brush
  • Newspaper to cover working surface

Cost – The cost of the floral wire and paint are estimates, since I didn’t use all of what I purchased.

Wreath             $      3.99

Burlap               $   34.95

Floral Wire      $      0.50

Wood letter      $     3.49

Flowers             $   23.98

Paint                  $      0.50

Total cost          $   67.41

Tax                      $4.50

Total cost with tax      $  71.91

My conclusion – this wreath took quite a bit of time and cost more than I expected, but the juice was definitely worth the squeeze in my eyes. The finished product is just beautiful, and I can’t help but feel a wonderful sense of pride every time I see it. It adds so much to the curb appeal of our home – much more than the few store bought wreaths I’ve used in the past have done. My husband is a big fan as well.

One thing I’ll need to improve on in the future is the cost. I found a similar wreath on Etsy for $60.00, so I think I overpaid for the supplies. The biggest cost was the burlap, which, based on a quick search online, I can get for much less if I buy in bulk. Same comment on the flowers – I’ll just need to be smarter about where I buy them next time. I think even making a smaller wreath will be fine for next time to save on costs. All in all – I think this wreath was a big success!






P.S. Check out my new “About Me” page! I made some changes to reflect the direction my blog will be headed.


One thought on “Burlap Wreath

  1. To help defray the cost, don’t forget to ask a friend who is crafty (your mom!) if they have some supplies that you can use. LOL We crafty people love to share (especially with my daughters!). The wreath turned out great. It gives your home a bright spot on these rainy, dark days.

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