My Favorite Fall Beers

If there is one fall indulgence that gets me just as (or more!) excited as the pumpkin spice latte, it’s fall beer. In general, fall beer – especially those of the craft variety – have a fresh, hoppy taste flavored with any combination of savory spices, honey and, of course, pumpkin. These beers pair well with chili, soups, tailgating, pumpkin carving, hay rides, leaf raking and just about everything else fall-related. So enjoy one – or two! – of my favorite fall beers and savor the flavors of the season.

1. Harpoon Octoberfest. On a trip to Boston to visit Ryan’s best friend a few years ago, we were introduced to this Boston-based brewery and quickly fell in love. Our poison back then was their winter beer (SO GOOD!), but we’ve since tried some of their other beers, and I must say – Octoberfest has become one of my favorite beers. As Harpoon’s website describes, Octoberfest is a “malty tribute to fall, balanced by a gentle hop bitterness.” As a big fan of hops, this makes me very hoppy (ha…ha…ha).



2. Buffalo Bill Pumpkin Ale. This California-based brewery totes its fall beer as “pumpkin pie in a bottle”. And they’re right. So, so right.



3. Thirsty Dog Barktoberfest. I love this beer for three reasons: First, Thirsty Dog is a local brewery, based in Akron. Hometown represent! Secondly, all of their beers are based on / named after dogs. And you know how much I love my four-legged furry friends. Finally, it is GOOD! Definitely give this beer a try this fall.



4. Dundee’s Nut Brown Ale. Question: how can you possibly go wrong with a beer that has “a hint of hazelnut, a dash of rich caramel and a sprinkle of chocolate malt”? Answer: you cannot.



5. Great Lakes Oktoberfest. Another local brewery! Great Lakes makes some of my favorite beers, and this includes their fall beer. This brew tastes wonderful, but perhaps my favorite thing about this beer is the brewery’s description of where it is best enjoyed: “paired with a well-worn sweatshirt, a bonfire on a late summer night, and nostalgic stories of holidays past.” Perfection.




With love,



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