Frozen Grapes

It’s Tuesday! And not just any Tuesday: it’s the Tuesday after my first full week back at work. I somehow survived being away from my angel for 5 straight days. One week down…

I’ve been taking things one day at a time, and so far it’s been working out pretty well. Now that I don’t get to spend everyday at home, I appreciate the time I do get to be home more than ever. And since summer is here (yay!), we have been taking advantage of our evenings and weekends by spending as much time as we can outside. We are having so much fun, and our sweet baby l-o-v-e-s being outside. It’s wonderful!

However…. there is something about this warmer weather that makes me VERY aware of the baby weight I’m still holding onto. It’s probably the tank tops, shorts and bathing suits I’m going to have to put on at some point…oy. Losing weight is hard, and it definitely starts with nutrition. For me, snacking is definitely my Achilles heel when it comes to eating, so I have been looking for satisfying and healthy snacks to include in my day. I saw a recipe for frozen grapes that I wanted to try, and the next day I got a coupon for free grapes at Earthfare. Serendipity! Don’t you love it when that happens? 🙂

photo (4)

These are so refreshing and healthy – plus, they are SO easy to make! All you need is some grapes, some yogurt (hardly any at all) and your “toppings”. Put the toppings in separate bowls, set aside. Stick a toothpick in a grape, dip it a little further than halfway down into the yogurt and twirl around a little. You just want to make sure the grape is coated well with the yogurt. Dip the grape into one of the toppings, and place on a freezer safe dish. Repeat until you’ve made the desired amount of grapes. Stick in the freezer for at least an hour and a half. It’s that easy! And at only 52 calories for 10 grapes, you can’t go wrong!

I used vanilla yogurt and chia seeds and coconut as my toppings. Mix it up and try different yogurt flavors and toppings! You can really make them with whatever you have. Enjoy – and stay cool!


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