Play It Again

I think anyone with (or without) a child would admit that parenthood has its challenges. One challenge I’m facing as of late is what to do with my two-month-old bundle of joy now that he’s staying awake for longer periods of time. He can’t crawl around, grab onto toys or even hold his head up for longer than five seconds, so it’s gets a little tricky trying to entertain him while he’s awake. And believe me – I try to keep him awake more than I’ve tried anything in my life: the longer that little guy is awake during the day, the longer he sleeps at night. Or that’s the theory at least. We’re still working on proving that.

Anyway, one thing I’ve found that both J and I enjoy is dancing. I put my iPhone in my pocket, turn on some country music and off we go. I’ve found that fast songs don’t work well – it’s too much bouncing around for him right now. But slower tempo songs seem to be just right. Our favorite song to dance to is “Play It Again” by Luke Bryan:

It’s about two people falling in love over a song – one that they hope will be played again, again and again. Dancing to it while holding J is my favorite part of the day. For just under four minutes, it’s just the two of us. While we sway to the song, I forget about the nights with no sleep. I don’t remember how frustrating it is when he screams for seemingly no reason. All I think about is holding his small body in my arms and how I wish the song would never end.

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If I was to sit here and tell you that becoming a parent has been a dream come true, it would be a lie. Having a child is hard – it’s sacrificed sleep; it’s clothing ruined by spit up; it’s giving up your independence. Never again will I be able to do what I want to do when I want to do it. My life is controlled by a tiny little human who can’t even tell me what he wants without screaming at me. Some days seem like they will never end…but in reality I know that time will go by a lot faster than I want it to. Some day, J will sleep through the night – and so will I. Some day, he won’t need me every minute of the day. And some day, he’ll be too cool to dance with his mom to our song. So until then…

Play it again, play it again, play it again…