Welcome Baby J!

Five days after my last post, Ryan and I got the surprise of our lives: our little guy decided to make his grand entrance into this world 4 1/2 weeks early on February 19, 2014. Baby J came into a house with two ecstatic parents and two furry big brothers.

The past month has been very interesting to say the least – on top of all the normal stress of a newborn, J spent 9 days in the NICU and less than a week after we brought J home, I was hospitalized with an infection for four days. But – as I write this, on J’s original due date – I’m happy to say that everyone in our household is happy and healthy… if not a little tired. Ryan and I (along with Sarge and Gunner) are adjusting to having our newest family member around – and he’s fitting in quite nicely. We’re unbelievably blessed and happy finally have our son here!

Ten cute little toes!
Cute little toes!


All the best,



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