Happy New Year!

Welcome, 2014! I cannot believe that another year has gone by. Time seems to be going by faster and faster as I get older. Anyone else feel like that?

Ryan and I spent yesterday reflecting on the past year – and all the crazy ups and downs that we experienced. A few of the many highlights:

– I ran the Nashville half-marathon – and hated every second of it.

–  We both made it through 3 surgeries (one for Ryan, two for me), which is a big deal for two people who have never gone under the knife before.

– We suffered heartbreak not once but twice this year. Our hearts will never be the same….

– …but neither will our marriage and friendship. I can call 2013 the year that formed a truly unbreakable bond between us, and as horrible as the road was, I’m so grateful that we traveled down it together.

– Ryan graduated from paramedic school. He worked hard for 12 long months!

– We welcomed our second dog, Gunner, into our house. It’s been an adjustment, as he is so much different from Sarge, but we could have not asked for a more loving, sweet-natured dog.

– We both participated in the National MS Society Pedal to the Point. I did the 30-mile leg, and Ryan did the full 150-mile route. We had an amazing team – and I can’t wait to do it again next year!

– My family welcomed another nephew this past November!

2013 was by far the hardest year of my life – but it also brought us the biggest blessing we could ask for: becoming pregnant with our son. And in February 2014, we’ll welcome our little man into our home! We could not be more excited for the day we finally get to hold him…and kiss him….and spoil him…. I know that I’m going to love him so much that no woman will ever be good enough for him! hehe 🙂

But as much as we are looking forward to our newest addition, from what we’re told, babies change just about everything in life. So today, as I was thinking about what I wanted my “word of the year” to be, I asked myself: What do you really want to accomplish this year? The first thing that came to mind was that I just wanted all parts of my life to be in harmony. I know from experience that my life will never be “perfect” by others’ standards, but as long as my home, religious, work, social, financial, fitness and health “lives” are all working together in harmony, I will be more than happy. I will NOT strive for perfection – I will instead work towards balance.



I’m working on a post with my specific goals for the next twelve months, but for now, I want to know: What is your word of the year going to be for 2014? Happy New Year, everyone!


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. We are blessed! You and Ryan will be wonderful parents and the growth of your family will change the dynamic in oh so many wonderful ways! I thought about my word and it is simply…gifts. Each day brings many gifts into my life, and, although some gifts remain constant (my family for example!), I’m going to journal the ‘other’ gifts that are given to me each day. Love you and am excited about the shower tomorrow! Be safe!

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