Akron Symphony

Last night, Ryan and I went to a “Young Professionals Forum” at the Thirsty Dog Brewery in Akron, hosted by the Akron Symphony. As the flyer explained, the purpose of the event was to get ideas from some young professionals in the Akron-area about how the Symphony can attract younger attendees, donors and volunteers.

Even though I have never gone to the Symphony, I am definitely not against the idea, so this forum really interested me. And once I explained to Ryan that there would be food and excellent draft beer a la the Thirsty Dog, he was in.

The event was really nice – and the discussions were quite interesting. My contribution to the forum was that I would love to go to the symphony – but I have no idea when the concerts are. To find this out, I would have to 1) think of going to the symphony and then 2) go to their website. It’s sort of sad, but unless something pings my attention, I probably won’t think about it. Thus, I wouldn’t  (and haven’t) gone to their website to look up dates. That seemed to be a common theme among attendees, so I hope the marketing director has some ideas to address this issue for the generation with the shortest attention span, like, ever.

The best part about the evening? We got a voucher for a pair of tickets to an upcoming concert!

Holiday Pops concert – I definitely want to go to this!

It may not seem like the “coolest” thing to do on a Friday or Saturday night, but checking out your local symphony, whether it’s Akron or not, is definitely a cultural experience we should take advantage of more often. Plus, telling people “Oh, we’re going to the symphony tonight.” makes you sound soooo classy!

P.S. Quick fun fact about the Thirsty Dog Brewery’s Raspberry Ale: the canine beauty who modeled for the bottle is owned by one of my co-workers. How cool!