Rejoice, Lead-Foot Drivers!

If you are a speed lover residing in the state of Ohio, July 1 was a great day for you: the state officially raised the speed limit on portions of our state’s interstate highways.



I remember hearing about this several months ago. Even though I was excited, I quickly forgot about it. Then, when a co-worker mentioned it a few days ago, my interest immediately surfaced once again. I haven’t heard too much about the new speed limit or (more importantly) where it applies, so I turned to the source of all knowledge: Google.

The fruits of my web-search labor are below. Now, before everyone goes out and drives like maniacs, please consider the following:

1. I can’t say for sure, but my prediction is our state-highway patrol officer friends are not going to be as forgiving  of drivers going 5-10 mph over the new speed limit. So if you don’t want a ticket, stick to the posted speed limit signs.



2. A higher speed limit does not mean we all have to drive that fast if road or weather conditions aren’t on our side. Safety first!

3. Just be careful out there! I worry about all my friends and family on the road, so please be careful, no matter how fast (or slow) you are travelling.

Ok, now on to the Buckeye State’s new speed limits:

It’s first important to note that the new 70 mph speed limit does ONLY applies to certain sections of the interstates. State routes are excluded from the new speed limit. According to the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), the portions of the following interstate highways which have the new speed limit are below:



Interstate 77

• From just outside of Canton south to the West Virginia border

Interstate 90

• From just outside of Cleveland to the Pennsylvania border

Interstate 71

• From the Jeremiah Morrow Bridge in southwest Ohio to just south of the border of the Cuyahoga/Medina County line in the north, excluding Columbus

Interstate 76

• From just outside Akron going east to just west of Youngstown

Interstate 70

• From the Indiana border in the west to just outside of Wheeling, WV in the east, excluding Dayton, Columbus and Zanesville

Interstate 75

• From just outside of Toledo going south until just north of Dayton, excluding Findlay and Lima

You’ll notice that any major metropolitan area (and some more minor ones) are excluded from this new speed limit. I was bummed that Interstate 77 between Akron and Cleveland is not on this list, as I travel that highway most often. Oh, well. At least I can cruise at a slightly higher speed when I go visit my parents : )

For those who are more visual learners, here is a map of the changes in speed limits:




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