Rejoice, Lead-Foot Drivers!

If you are a speed lover residing in the state of Ohio, July 1 was a great day for you: the state officially raised the speed limit on portions of our state’s interstate highways.



I remember hearing about this several months ago. Even though I was excited, I quickly forgot about it. Then, when a co-worker mentioned it a few days ago, my interest immediately surfaced once again. I haven’t heard too much about the new speed limit or (more importantly) where it applies, so I turned to the source of all knowledge: Google.

The fruits of my web-search labor are below. Now, before everyone goes out and drives like maniacs, please consider the following:

1. I can’t say for sure, but my prediction is our state-highway patrol officer friends are not going to be as forgiving  of drivers going 5-10 mph over the new speed limit. So if you don’t want a ticket, stick to the posted speed limit signs.



2. A higher speed limit does not mean we all have to drive that fast if road or weather conditions aren’t on our side. Safety first!

3. Just be careful out there! I worry about all my friends and family on the road, so please be careful, no matter how fast (or slow) you are travelling.

Ok, now on to the Buckeye State’s new speed limits:

It’s first important to note that the new 70 mph speed limit does ONLY applies to certain sections of the interstates. State routes are excluded from the new speed limit. According to the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), the portions of the following interstate highways which have the new speed limit are below:



Interstate 77

• From just outside of Canton south to the West Virginia border

Interstate 90

• From just outside of Cleveland to the Pennsylvania border

Interstate 71

• From the Jeremiah Morrow Bridge in southwest Ohio to just south of the border of the Cuyahoga/Medina County line in the north, excluding Columbus

Interstate 76

• From just outside Akron going east to just west of Youngstown

Interstate 70

• From the Indiana border in the west to just outside of Wheeling, WV in the east, excluding Dayton, Columbus and Zanesville

Interstate 75

• From just outside of Toledo going south until just north of Dayton, excluding Findlay and Lima

You’ll notice that any major metropolitan area (and some more minor ones) are excluded from this new speed limit. I was bummed that Interstate 77 between Akron and Cleveland is not on this list, as I travel that highway most often. Oh, well. At least I can cruise at a slightly higher speed when I go visit my parents : )

For those who are more visual learners, here is a map of the changes in speed limits:



Sarge’s Smile

The end of a long weekend has come. For those of us dreading the return of another work week, here is a picture of my darling Sarge, grinning like he doesn’t have a care in the world.


I hope everyone smiles that big at least once this week! Just remember: Labor Day weekend is less than 2 months away. We’ll have another long weekend before we know!

Red, White and Blue-tiful

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Pinterest, chances are you have seen those lovely fashion boards created on the website Polyvore. I have no idea what took me so long to try out the website – but I finally did. My inspiration was the approaching Independence Day holiday and the desire to wear something festive without a) going overly star-spangled-banner-y and b) not buying anything new.

I started by “shopping” my closest for red and blue pieces. If you haven’t tried “shopping” your closet, you should definitely give it a go! The concept is to go through your clothes, shoes and accessories and try as hard as you can to put new outfits together. For me, this can be tough, since I get into such a routine when it comes to clothes. As silly as it sounds, I have actually asked my husband to help me put together outfits. His “fresh” eyes see combinations I never would have. So, while I certainly do not have the exact items of clothing on Polyvore (I mean, who can afford that?!), I do have items like them.

So, by being a little creative, I put together several outfits on Polyvore that I think are the right combination of chic and Americana, or what I am calling Red, White and Blue-tiful. Check them out below, or on my Pinterest board! And don’t forget about your nails – try this polka-dot trick with any combination of red, white and blue!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Independence Day weekend! And THANK YOU to all those who have served or who are currently serving to protect our beloved freedom!!


What I plan to wear for the Rib, White and Blue festival in Akron this weekend.


For the Indians game this weekend. Topped off with a Tribe hat and it’s perfect!


I won’t be wearing this outfit anywhere near food. redwhiteblue3

And finally – what I wore to work today 🙂 It transitioned perfectly to wine-night with a friend.

P.S. Polyvore is amazing! I’m already addicted. It really reminds me of Cher’s computer program she used to put together outfits from her closest in the movie Clueless. Does anyone else remember that?! It was the coolest thing ever! My inner 11-year-old’s dream has finally come true!

Tuesday Ten – 7/2/2013

Happy second day of the best month of the year. : )

We are half-way done with 2013! I can’t believe it. Life has been a little crazy lately, so I wanted to post a little something today about my 10 favorite recent purchases that gave me joy. Luckily, none of them cost a lot, but they definitely make me smile. : ) It’s the little things!

1. Tone It Up! Perfect Fit Protein – I am in l-o-v-e with this vanilla-flavored protein powder. It’s made from brown rice and is raw, organic and vegan. Most importantly – it is GOOD! Even my protein-powder-snob husband loves this stuff.

2. Mason jar tumbler – I can’t think of anything more perfect to drink my smoothies out of. It’s fabulous.


3. Star-shaped ice pop molds – just in time for Independence Day, these star-shaped Popsicle molds will be getting a lot of use this summer. I love the combination of functionality and adorableness!



4. I’ve been eyeing this maxi dress I saw on Pinterest for a while, and I’m so happy I broke down and bought it. It’s so comfortable and can be wore about a trillion different ways.

5. This congratulations card we bought for my mother-in-law when she recently became president of the American Dental Hygienist Association (ADHA). I am so proud of her amazing achievement, and I hope she does exactly what this card instructs everyday!


6. “The Whippoorwill” by Blackberry Smoke. We saw this southern rock/country rock band open for The Zac Brown Band last year, and I’ve been a fan ever since. I just adore this group – long hair and beards and all.

7. I guess this really does’t count as a purchase, but it was inside a recent purchase. How funny is this fortune? It makes me laugh! I guess I am a crispy noodle!



8. An iPhone 5. Big smiles : ) My old iPhone 4 was on its last legs – it wouldn’t charge and the main button wouldn’t work. I held out as along as I could, but I’m so happy with my new phone.

9. This entire ensemble:


I wore this as part of a 5K scavenger hunt in downtown Cleveland with three other ladies. Collectively, we were the bearded team called “Duct Dynasty”. The whole day was so much fun, from running around looking for clues to posing with some of our fans for pictures. My first (and probably only) experience as a “celebrity”! That beard was the beast $7 I ever spent.

10. Dinner for my wonderful husband on his 30th birthday. Any time spent with this guy is worth every single dollar spent. : )

P.S. Like the new look of the blog? I’m feeling the lighter look for summer!