DIY Coffee Creamer – and A Yummy Coffee Drink

The skies have been cloudy and dreary in Northeast Ohio the past couple of days. I’ve actually been wearing long sleeves and jeans mixed in with my shorts and T-shirts, which makes me sad after posting my Summer Bucket List just a couple of days ago.

But there is one good thing about the chilly, wet weather: is it has forced me to attend to inside projects. One thing I’ve been wanting to do lately is make more DIY coffee creamer. In this family, we drink coffee anytime, anywhere, any season. We love us some coffee.


My first attempt at a DIY coffee creamer was a yummy success, but this time I decided to go with a slightly less intense version. In addition, I used almond milk instead of dairy milk.

DIY Coffee Creamer


– 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk

– 28 oz of almond milk or dairy milk (I used unsweetened almond)

– 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract (optional)

1. Pour the sweetened condensed milk into a blender. You might need a spatula to get it all out. Do not discard sweetened condensed milk can.

2. Fill the now-empty can with milk of your choice; pour into blender. Repeat. You should have 28 oz. of milk in the blender with 14 oz. of sweetened condensed milk.

3. If desired, add vanilla to blender.

4. Turn blender on low-medium, until mixture is combined. About 30-45 seconds.

5. Pour into storage container and enjoy!


You can skip the blender entirely if you have a large bottle or container with a lid. Follow the instructions above, but instead add everything to the bottle, not the blender. Shake to combine – and enjoy the arm workout that comes with doing it this way! Also note that this recipe makes waaaay more than that itty bitty mason jar shown. I just did that for looks; I can’t resist anything in a mason jar!

I loved my first attempt that this, but I L-O-V-E this second attempt. I don’t add any sweetener to my coffee, so the less intense version is perfect for me. If you like a sweeter java, just add less milk.

And don’t forget – if you have a favorite coffee syrup (like the ones made by Torani) – you can substitute that for the vanilla extract. But be warned – syrup is more intense, so use less of it. Add a tiny bit at a time – you can always add more later. 

Finally, I wanted to share a little “luxury” I have at home for my coffee. A few years ago, I bought a milk frother from World Market. Simply add milk, and with a few pumps this simple little gadget makes frothy milk for lattes, just like a coffee-house. For around $20, I would call that a very affordable luxury.


Unfortunately, last Christmas when I wanted to buy one for my mom and sister, I found that World Market no longer sold these frothers. However, they are still around on the internet (like here), and are still a great price. Or – you can go with a hand-held one (like this one) like the ones I ended up getting my mom and sister. At $2.99, it is an even more affordable luxury.

Hope you enjoy it a latte! : )


7 thoughts on “DIY Coffee Creamer – and A Yummy Coffee Drink

    1. Hi – between my husband and me, our creamer doesn’t last much longer than a week or two. We drink coffee a lot so we use it quickly! We have never had any problem with spoilage or anything, but I would say no longer than the milk would last on its own!

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