Summer Bucket List

Even though the “official” start of summer isn’t until the end of this month, the presence of flip flops, shorts and sun-kissed cheeks in Northeast Ohio shout that YES! Summer is here!

Lauren Conrad’s team at posts a “Tuesday Ten” with ten items they love in a category. I absolutely love this idea and want to start doing it on my blog. Last Tuesday, the post was about a “Summer Bucket List“. Seeing how makes lists is right up my alley, I immediately started my own Summer Bucket List, which is listed below. It’s a tad late for a “Tuesday” post…you know what they say about the best made plans…but I’m not too worried about it. : )


1. Go to a drive-in movie. Did you know that there are only about 350 drive-in movie theaters left in the United States? Growing up, I was oblivious to this, as one of those theaters is in my hometown. If you’ve never been to a drive-in movie, you simply must go. You must!! It’s such a fun experience to sit outside and watch a movie. We’re very fortunate in the greater-Akron area to have three of these theaters. I haven’t been to one in years – so this summer I’m making sure I get to at least one movie-night at the drive-in.

2. Successfully grow lettuce. I am an expert at killing plants. I’m not proud of it, but it’s true. This year – on recommendation of my green-thumbed friend Katielynn, I decided to grow lettuce. Apparently, it’s pretty easy to take care of (and pretty hard to kill). Plus – we eat a lot of greens, so we will make us of the crop. Wish me luck!

3. Give to others at least once a week. Whether that is by donating money to a good cause, running a race for charity or sending a friend a card when they are going through a rough time – I’m going to make it a point to give to others this summer.

4. Landscape! Our front garden needs it…badly.

5. Bike in the MS ride in August. I’ll be doing this with several other family members. I see this as a two-step process:

Step 1 – buy a bike.

Step 2 – learn to ride this bike.

Yeah…it’s going to be a long summer…

6. Play tourist in Akron. I think when we live somewhere for a long time, we forget all the cool things the city has to offer. Akron has many beautiful, interesting and fun things – and I plan to spend at least a day exploring.

7. Catch up on my reading goals – or as close as possible. We are on day 155 of the year – which means I should have read about 15 and a half books so far this year. Well…I haven’t. I’ve only read 9 books so far this year, which means I’m a little behind. But summer is the time to get getting lots of reading done, so by the end of August, I hope to have as close to 24 books read as I can. Any fun summer reading suggestions?

8. Try a new recipe in our Vitamix once a week. WE GOT A VITAMIX!! I am so super excited about this investment. Yes, it was expensive (actually, crazy expensive ), but that machine does a HECK of a lot. Frozen drinks, smoothies, hummus, peanut butter, soups…it’s amazing.

9. Spend as much time by the water as possible. Any body of water will do. Water. Water water water. I love water. Sitting by it, swimming in it, riding on a boat in it, enjoying a meal by it – pretty much anything. Water puts me in an amazing mood.

10. Spend less time in my car and more time on my bike and walking. This of course will only apply to short enough distances and depends on if when I get my bike. I am always bragging on how awesome our neighborhood is because there is SO much SO close to our house – coffee shops, restaurants, a movie theater, a library, a couple of grocery stores, a farmers market, a few parks – all within 1 mile of our house. Now that I have the SUV, I am certainly more aware of the cost of gas – so less driving will help in that respect as well. All that moving will do a body (and wallet) good!

What do you all want to do this summer? I’d love to hear what fun things you have planned : )

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