Clutter Challenge – FINAL POST!

We made it through the month of May – which means the clutter-busting challenge is over. I know I’m tired of writing about my de-cluttering, so I’m SURE you guys are tired of reading about it.

Therefore, my final post will just be a quick run down of the progress I made. I don’t mean to pat myself on the back, but I am THRILLED with how much stuff I we got rid of. That “we” is very important, as my husband played an instrumental role in this challenge. He completely cleaned out his closet and de-cluttered our kitchen to the point that it looks like it’s in a model home. I get the best feeling every time I walk in there. In addition, he did a major overhaul on our garage. I love ya, babe, you little de-clutter bug, you. ; )

In addition to what I’ve posted about so far and listed above, we also worked on the following:

– organizing out our bathroom toiletries. How many bottles of lotion, tubes of toothpaste and containers of body wash does it take to make bathroom cabinets totally cluttered? Turns out, not many. Getting all of this into order has had a calming effect on my morning routine.

– tossing my old CD’s. I had a lot of CDs from way back. I mean Sound Garden and Shania Twain way back. Not only will I never listen to these again, but most of them were pretty scratched up and probably wouldn’t even work anyway. This was a perfect example of things I was holding onto for purely sentimental reasons. And they had to go.

– turning my desk into a work-friendly environment. I did this to both my home and office desks. The biggest issues: piles and piles of paper. I took the time to go through everything and create a filing system for everything I wanted to keep. Everything else was either shredded or recycled. I also tossed pens that didn’t work, notes I had written to myself that were no longer relevant and many other little odds and ends that were creating a cluttered, chaotic environment. I’m much more productive now that I have room to work – it’s great!

This was a great challenge. Now that it’s over, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is the de-cluttering isn’t over quite yet for us. But the good news is, you no longer have to read my posts about it. : ) Thanks for sticking with me, readers. It was a fun ride!


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