Clutter Challenge – Day 18

Day 18 was spent cleaning out my “intimates” drawer.

If you know me well at all, you know that this topic makes me very uncomfortable. To me, saying p-a-n-t-i-e-s is like saying a cuss word. I don’t like talking about “intimates”- let alone showing pictures of mine – so I’m going to skip the posting any pictures of what I got rid of.

(Isn’t that sort of creepy anyway? Does anyone really feel all warm and fuzzy about posting pictures of their underwear online? I would think not…)

Anywho – I do feel ok about discussing the swimsuits I cleared out of my drawer. While these were in good shape, they are from years ago, and I just have too many now.


After I was done clearing everything out, I used these neat little “drawer dividers” to keep everything in its place.



These things are amazing little miracle workers. My drawer looked very much like the “before” picture above. But after installing these, it’s neat and organized. Ryan has his doubts on how long that will last – but it’s been over 10 days and it still looks perfect. Take that, Ryan. : )


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