Clutter Challenge – Day 17

Today’s post is about my de-cluttering on May 17. That day marked Gunner’s five month birthday, so I treated the dogs with a trip to doggie day care. It was actually more of a treat for me, since they have had a CRAZY amount of energy lately. I guess warm weather puts us all in a good mood, dogs included.

Happy 5 months, Gunny Rabbit!

We take the dogs to daycare at a wonderful place in Medina called the Wag On Inn. I’m not kidding when I say that the dogs love it there more than they love being at home. The current owner, Jessica, has made some great changes since taking over a year ago. Most of them were for the betterment of the dogs (of course), but one is for the well-being of her human customers: the addition of a Kuerig in the lobby.

A variety of tea K-cups have accumulated in our house over time, and while I really, really, REALLY wish I was a tea-drinker, I’m just not. And unfortunately, my husband isn’t either.  I hated to see these yummy drinks go to waste, so I asked Jessica if she would want them. Luckily, she did.


Win-win situation! I cleaned out our K-cup bin, and Jessica got some great new flavors for her tea-drinking customers. Cheers to that!


2 thoughts on “Clutter Challenge – Day 17

  1. I love when things like this work out! I’m hoping to be able to repurpose/recycle/sell some of the things I’m getting rid of during the challenge. I know all my paper is going towards making firestarters. Anything that doesn’t sell in the next week is going straight to the donation pile after that.

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