Clutter Challenge – Days 7 – 16

Yes – that’s right: I’m going to post about getting rid of 7 things each day for 10 days. That’s 70 things out of my house. As voluminous as that sounds, it was super easy to get rid of that much because we tackled our basement.

For us, the basement is the black hole where things we don’t use very often or don’t quite know what to do with go. When we moved into our house, my husband and I established a rule that we would clear out the basement every year to get rid of things we haven’t used in the last 12 months. The logic behind this is that if we went four full seasons without using the item, we most likely never would. There are obvious exceptions to that (pictures, my wedding dress and anything else we are keeping for legitimate sentimental value), but for the most part, that year-rule has held true.

The only problem with that is we didn’t do this in 2012. Whoops. Bad for our storage, but good for me during this clutter challenge.

The month of May has me running around like a crazy person from one commitment to another, so my de-cluttering had to be done in small sessions. So I apologize for the delay in posts, but I have not fallen off of the bandwagon.

We first concentrated on clothing and shoes and will be donating everything that is in good shape to a local homeless shelter. It’s kind of sad how much stuff Ryan and I have been holding onto but not using. However, it feels SO good to be getting it out of our home and giving it to others who need it.


That is one of two boxes and four bags of clothing and shoes Ryan and I cleaned out of storage. I had already packed the other box and bags into the car before I remembered to take a picture, so you’ll have to visualize the entire amount. 🙂

Our cleaning binge didn’t end there – but I had to save some for days 17 and beyond! Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “Clutter Challenge – Days 7 – 16

  1. Looking good! Last week I was also preoccupied with this month’s commitments so I’ve been making mine up in quick blog post sessions since I’ll be cleaning and organizing all week!

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