50 Books That Will Change Your Life

I was so happy to see an email in my inbox today that exclaimed “50 Great Books That Will Change Your Life”. I’m a super-fan of books and an even bigger fan of great books. And while my first thought was “Wow, that’s a pretty bold claim”, I must admit the list is pretty amazing. Check it out here.



And even if you are skeptical on the life-changing abilities of these books, I think you can at least agree that many of them are worthwhile (and possibly even necessary) reads for everyone.

My Shelfari “to read” list now includes many more books, ranging from classics I read many years ago but didn’t appreciate at the time (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn) to quirky books that will be perfect for lazy days by the pool (The Inn at Lake Devine). And it was quite a nice little surprise to see Dandelion Wine on that list – a book I know all my fellow Heidelberg-ers who took freshman English read. Admit it, girls – it was a great book!

Happy reading, friends!


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