Clutter Challenge – Day 4

I’m en route to the airport, so I finally have time to post my Day 4 Clutter-busting post. I decided on my seven items as I was packing for Chicago.


No, the picture is not taken on an angle: that suitcase is just leaning because a wheel is missing. Ryan and I have one set of luggage, which has worked out just fine for us. When we travel together, we only need the one set, and it’s worked out that when only one of us is traveling, the other is home. But this past weekend, that was not the case, as Ryan was out of town Friday through Sunday at a friend’s bachelor party. I was going to use my old carry-on for my trip, but when I pulled it off the top shelf in the closet, I knew that old thing had seen its last day. I wasn’t concerned about getting a new carry-on, but I was really concerned why I had kept a roller suitcase that was missing one of its essential mobility functions. Clutter-bug alert!!

It didn’t take me long to find a purse and some shoes I haven’t worn in years to add to the pile. I tossed the suitcase but will be donating the shoes and purse.

I am so excited to get home to my boys! I’ve missed them so much. I snapped this shot while driving the boys home from daycare on Saturday. (Don’t worry – I was at a stoplight!) They are loving the new wheels.



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