Life in your 20’s: Early vs. Late

In 2011, I officially joined the “late 20’s” crowd when I turned 27. I remember that birthday and thinking how OLD saying I was in my “late 20’s” sounded.

(For everyone out there rolling their eyes, I’m sure there was a time when you thought “late 20’s” sounded old too! One of these days I’ll smarten up :))

So as I near my last birthday in my 20’s (YIKES!!), I wanted to share a fun little comparison between life in your early 20’s compared to life in your late 20’s.

Some of them are silly (I never thought a guy dancing around with a lego head on was cool), but a lot of them are right on. I especially love the ones about gossip and diet/exercise. So true!

One thing this website doesn’t say: as fun as life was in my early 20’s, it had nothing on life in my late 20’s. And from what I hear, things only get better. Cheers to many more birthdays, readers!

Early 20's Whitney
Early 20’s Whitney – having a fun Cinco de Mayo
Late 20's Whitney
Late 20’s Whitney – still having fun, minus the costume

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