Clutter Challenge – Day 18

Day 18 was spent cleaning out my “intimates” drawer.

If you know me well at all, you know that this topic makes me very uncomfortable. To me, saying p-a-n-t-i-e-s is like saying a cuss word. I don’t like talking about “intimates”- let alone showing pictures of mine – so I’m going to skip the posting any pictures of what I got rid of.

(Isn’t that sort of creepy anyway? Does anyone really feel all warm and fuzzy about posting pictures of their underwear online? I would think not…)

Anywho – I do feel ok about discussing the swimsuits I cleared out of my drawer. While these were in good shape, they are from years ago, and I just have too many now.


After I was done clearing everything out, I used these neat little “drawer dividers” to keep everything in its place.



These things are amazing little miracle workers. My drawer looked very much like the “before” picture above. But after installing these, it’s neat and organized. Ryan has his doubts on how long that will last – but it’s been over 10 days and it still looks perfect. Take that, Ryan. : )

Clutter Challenge – Day 17

Today’s post is about my de-cluttering on May 17. That day marked Gunner’s five month birthday, so I treated the dogs with a trip to doggie day care. It was actually more of a treat for me, since they have had a CRAZY amount of energy lately. I guess warm weather puts us all in a good mood, dogs included.

Happy 5 months, Gunny Rabbit!

We take the dogs to daycare at a wonderful place in Medina called the Wag On Inn. I’m not kidding when I say that the dogs love it there more than they love being at home. The current owner, Jessica, has made some great changes since taking over a year ago. Most of them were for the betterment of the dogs (of course), but one is for the well-being of her human customers: the addition of a Kuerig in the lobby.

A variety of tea K-cups have accumulated in our house over time, and while I really, really, REALLY wish I was a tea-drinker, I’m just not. And unfortunately, my husband isn’t either.  I hated to see these yummy drinks go to waste, so I asked Jessica if she would want them. Luckily, she did.


Win-win situation! I cleaned out our K-cup bin, and Jessica got some great new flavors for her tea-drinking customers. Cheers to that!

Trend I’m Loving Right Now

Country music has been showing its edgy side – and I’m loving it. While not everyone is a fan, I simply cannot get enough of the delicious mix of country and rap that is going on right now.  For example, the collaboration of Florida Georgia Line and Nelly in the remix of “Cruise” has certainly got my windows down and my radio up:

Of course, this isn’t a brand new trend, especially for Nelly. Back in 2004, he and Tim McGraw teamed up for “Over and Over” (great song, by the way). Willie Nelson and Snoop Dog bonded over a, um, common interest in a certain plant for “Superman” in 2011. And most recently, Jason Aldean and Ludacris did a remix of Aldean’s “Dirt Road Anthem”. Not all country crooners pair up to incorporate rap in their songs however: Blake Shelton raps on his latest single, “Boys Down Here” without any help.

I’m not exactly sure why I love it so much – I just know a good song when I hear it. These songs are catchy, they have good lyrics and they are different while maintaining some familiarity. So what’s not to love?

But…one country / rap collaboration I cannot get behind is Brad Paisley and LL Cool J’s “Accidental Racist”. It breaks my heart to say anything bad about BP, but man, come on. I don’t fault them for tackling a controversial topic – or at least giving it the old college try. However, I can certainly criticize them for making an absolutely awful song.


Just terrible.

The song has been getting a of buzz (mostly negative), but I think Stephen Colbert summed up my feelings the best. On all accounts – epic fail, guys. But please don’t let it stop you from teaming up in the future – I think you two have a lot of potential for some awesome music. However, maybe next time you should stick to what makes country music great: a good beat, heart-felt lyrics and a laid-back vibe. And it all else fails, throw in a mention of cold beer or whiskey. Everyone loves a good drinking song.

Clutter Challenge – Days 7 – 16

Yes – that’s right: I’m going to post about getting rid of 7 things each day for 10 days. That’s 70 things out of my house. As voluminous as that sounds, it was super easy to get rid of that much because we tackled our basement.

For us, the basement is the black hole where things we don’t use very often or don’t quite know what to do with go. When we moved into our house, my husband and I established a rule that we would clear out the basement every year to get rid of things we haven’t used in the last 12 months. The logic behind this is that if we went four full seasons without using the item, we most likely never would. There are obvious exceptions to that (pictures, my wedding dress and anything else we are keeping for legitimate sentimental value), but for the most part, that year-rule has held true.

The only problem with that is we didn’t do this in 2012. Whoops. Bad for our storage, but good for me during this clutter challenge.

The month of May has me running around like a crazy person from one commitment to another, so my de-cluttering had to be done in small sessions. So I apologize for the delay in posts, but I have not fallen off of the bandwagon.

We first concentrated on clothing and shoes and will be donating everything that is in good shape to a local homeless shelter. It’s kind of sad how much stuff Ryan and I have been holding onto but not using. However, it feels SO good to be getting it out of our home and giving it to others who need it.


That is one of two boxes and four bags of clothing and shoes Ryan and I cleaned out of storage. I had already packed the other box and bags into the car before I remembered to take a picture, so you’ll have to visualize the entire amount. 🙂

Our cleaning binge didn’t end there – but I had to save some for days 17 and beyond! Stay tuned…

My little sister’s birthday

First – I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sister, Kendall. I love you, Doozer!


When I called Kendall this morning to wish her a happy, happy birthday, it hit me: she is turning 27 years-old today.


Seriously? Has it really been twenty-seven years since God blessed this world with Kendy? That realization sent me spinning into a wow-do-I-feel-old-right-now self-pity spiral. If that wasn’t bad enough, I stumbled upon this little post while enjoying my morning coffee:

43 Things That Will Make You Feel Really Old

Man. The world was a much simpler place back in the day. I could really go for a cold can of Surge on the Backstreet Boys cruise right  now.

Kendy – number 18 is for you. I hope you have a wonderful, love-filled birthday. And I hope the rain gave your hair Jennifer Aniston beach-worthy waves. 🙂

50 Books That Will Change Your Life

I was so happy to see an email in my inbox today that exclaimed “50 Great Books That Will Change Your Life”. I’m a super-fan of books and an even bigger fan of great books. And while my first thought was “Wow, that’s a pretty bold claim”, I must admit the list is pretty amazing. Check it out here.



And even if you are skeptical on the life-changing abilities of these books, I think you can at least agree that many of them are worthwhile (and possibly even necessary) reads for everyone.

My Shelfari “to read” list now includes many more books, ranging from classics I read many years ago but didn’t appreciate at the time (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn) to quirky books that will be perfect for lazy days by the pool (The Inn at Lake Devine). And it was quite a nice little surprise to see Dandelion Wine on that list – a book I know all my fellow Heidelberg-ers who took freshman English read. Admit it, girls – it was a great book!

Happy reading, friends!

Clutter Challenge – Days 5 & 6

I’m catching up for the days I was out off town for work, so I focused on two areas today: my makeup bag and my closet (a work in progress).

1. My makeup bag:


I cleaned out 12 items from that bag, all of which I am sure have expired.

2. My closet:


Today I cleared out three pairs of shoes, three purses and an old iPhone case. I love those brown boots and the red high heels, but the boots got wet and shrank, and my darling puppy got ahold of the red shoes.