De-Clutter Challenge

What do you associate with the springtime? I think about rain, sunshine and, of course, spring cleaning. Now that my free time isn’t revolving around getting ready for Nashville, I’m itching to get my house in order. I have three main projects I want to tackle:

1. Paint (indoors) and landscape (outdoors). Both things I hate and therefore, both things I put off.

2. Put together a Bowers family binder filing system. I read about something like this here, and I thought “I’m pretty sure Ryan would be lost if anything ever happened to me.” This is of no fault to him: I like being in charge of things, and I’m a CPA, so naturally I handle the finances and taxes. And to be fair, I would have no idea what to do if the Internet stopped working or the alarm system started going off.  And heaven forbid if my iPhone wasn’t working. Since we should both really know the in’s and out’s of our house, finances, etc., this system is a necessity for us.

3.  De-clutter. This one is a big one. I don’t consider Ryan and myself to be hoarders of any kind, but we do have a lot of “stuff”. We’re both bad about hanging onto things for sentimental value, which I don’t see any problem with, as long as there is a place for everything. The problem occurs when that “place” becomes unorganized and starts spilling into other places.

I’ll share pictures of projects #1 and #2 as they are completed. I’m sure I’ll be asking for suggestions along the way!

In the spirit of de-cluttering, I wanted to share a challenge from one of the blogs I follow. Every day in the month of May, the  blogger is getting rid of seven things in her house and is challenging readers to do the same. At the end of the month, that will be 217 things you can live without GONE. Wowza – that sounds like a lot, but I’m sure it will be easier than I think. I can mentally count at least 7 articles of clothing I should be donating, and I know there are way more than seven things I can get rid of on my desk.

Me and my desk after tax season. Just kidding! I'm not blond
Me and my desk after tax season. Just kidding! I’m not blond.


I’m going to post my seven items daily (or almost daily), so readers, keep me accountable! Who is ready for the Great Clutter Purge of 2013?! Please join me!


2 thoughts on “De-Clutter Challenge

  1. I’m going to try this challenge with you! I cannot guarantee 7 items every day for May, as I’m living in a small apartment like style spot with my mother, but I will probably make my challenge 7-14 items every week. That might be more realistic. Haha

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