The day we’ve all been waiting for…

Or should I say, the day me, several of my co-workers and Katie have been waiting for!

That’s right – the Nashville marathon is this Saturday. Oh, brother!

I’m so excited!

I’m so pumped!

I’m so nervous I could throw up.

This past month has been a mix of emotions, to say the least, and this week has been no different, so my nerves are all over the place. I know on a scale of 1 to borderline panicky, I score pretty high when it comes to being nervous (and blowing things out of proportion). But I can’t be the only one who gets anxious before a race…right?

True to form, life threw a few curve balls at me during my training. So unfortunately, I won’t be running the 9:30 pace I was pushing for. However, I made COMMITMENT my word of the year, and I am still committed to this race. And no matter what my time is, I still have Jimmy Buffett to look forward to, where, to borrow a phrase from a Florida Georgia Line song, I’ll be worrying about nothing except what’s in my glass!

See you later, Ohio! I’m on my way to Tennessee.


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