Motivation Monday

Motivation can come from the most unexpected places. But maybe it’s from these out-of-the-blue, hits-you-hard-because-you’re-not-expecting-it moments that we find the best inspiration.

I never expected to read something that would make me cry, lift my spirits and give me hope on a fitness blog, of all places. But I did, and I wanted to share it. Hopefully this gives just one other person out there comfort and a little peace.

Every trial and tribulation is a lesson in life. If you can feel something, you’re living. So right now, take a moment and just remember this journey…Love your life now. Love your body now. Love what you have ~ because you’re wealthy with love, health and good people around you. We’re all in this together. We promise that anything you’re going through right now you can overcome…What we all take for granted, other people wish and pray for.

Happy Motivation Monday, all.

5 thoughts on “Motivation Monday

  1. I love that quote, “What we all take for granted, other people wish and pray for.” I admire you for always looking at the positive outlook even during the toughest times.

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