I’d be lying if I said…

1. … I’m not at all grateful for my awesome co-workers.


As any citizen of the U-S-of-A knows, tax season is in full swing. For those in the CPA world, that means spending more time with co-workers than family and friends, in a very stressful work environment. When things are at their worst work-wise, sometimes the only thing that can make it better is being surrounded by others who just GET IT. And it helps when those people are fun, witty and cool. I’m very fortunate to have a good group of co-workers who fit into that category. This week, a small group of us left work at 6:00 (gasp!!) to celebrate one of our own becoming an official U.S. citizen. We waved miniature flags through dinner, drawing many looks from other dining patrons. To welcome Remo as a citizen, we got him a “survival” kit, complete with a red, white and blue skull-cap, a box of knock-off brand Twinkies (Hostess, we miss you!), a trucking magazine and a tall can of Busch Light. Welcome to America, Remo!

And can I just say how awesome the people at The Rail were on Wednesday? Several other diners came over to congratulate Remo and shake his hand. That’s the America I know and love!

2. … I didn’t shave off 5:30 minutes from my previous 5K time.

That’s right: I have cut my 5K time to 5:30 faster than my first one of 2013. How happy does this make me?



To be fair, my first 5K of the year was just a “let’s see where I’m at with this running stuff” test run, since I hadn’t run in over 8 months. I am not the kind of person who can just run 3.2 miles right off the bat, so that first 5K including some walking. I still did it in 33 minutes, so I was happy with that. But today, I did a 5K in 27:29, so I was SO VERY VERY VERY HAPPY about that. So happy that I don’t even care that my hair looked like that when I was done (scary). More so, I’m proud of myself for sticking with my new year’s resolution to become the gym rat I once was. Now that I’m seeing results, I’m extra motivated to stick with it. Nashville will be here in just over 9 weeks (ohmygosh)!

3. … I’m not going celebrate National Margarita Day.

Because you can bet your bottom dollar I am. It’s cinco o’clock somewhere!

4. … I’m not going to miss these two sweet faces like crazy next week.



Ryan and I have decided to send Sarge and Gunner to a trainer for a week to get Gunner all squared away with obedience training and to work on some social anxiety issues my little Sargie has been having. Being dog-free for a week will be nice (No midnight potty breaks! We’ll have the whole bed to ourselves!), but man, I am going to miss those little guys so much. I’m sure my husband will have to deal with a weepy Whitney when we drop them off tomorrow morning.

5. … I’m not looking forward to the Oscars on Sunday.

YES! The Oscars are here! This is a big night for movie fans. I wrote about how much I enjoy this particular awards show last year, and we’ll be doing the same ballot contest in the Bowers house again this year (Here is a printable ballot, if you want to get in on the fun). I have no idea what the winner will get this year – but I’m going to make sure it’s good, since I don’t plan on losing. 🙂


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