True Whit Turns One!

Happy First Birthday, True Whit!

One year ago, I started this blog – not really knowing what I wanted to do with it or where I wanted it to go. All I knew was that I wanted to do it.

My heart leapt when True Whit got its first follower – and again after the second and third and fourth. Now that this little blog has over 80 (!!) followers, my heart still gets excited for each and every one. For the bloggers who get more followers than that in one day, my excitement might seem a bit lame, but I’m truly over the moon that even one person wants to read what I put on here!

To all of my family, friends and blog-readers from all over the world: THANK YOU for your support over the last year! Every “like”, every comment, every visit to True Whit has meant so much to me. Writing on this blog has been very therapeutic for me, and I appreciate your thoughts and encouragement more than you could ever know.

Looking forward to what this next year has in store!


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