Killer Intervals – Plus Chia Pudding

In spite of the 60 degree weather, my extended family got together for our Christmas celebration over the weekend (I know, I know: Christmas is over. But when you have a bunch of people as busy as my family, you have to get creative!). While chatting with a few of my cousins, I mentioned the great workout I had at the gym, which prompted one of them to ask “Are you going to put this on your blog?”. Well, yes! I sure am 🙂

I recently stumbled upon the Tone It Up! blog, and it was love at first sight. The site if full of great fitness and nutrition advice from two BFFs/personal trainers Karena and Katrina, whose ripped abs and toned arms make me hate them a little. Their amazing beach hair doesn’t help their likability much either.

But all that aside – their workouts looked legit. They are in the middle of a “Love your body” series that will run until Valentine’s Day. I decided one of the workouts, “Cupid’s Cardio”, would be fun to try for my workout Saturday morning.

Yeah, real fun.

There’s no way that chubby little cherub should be associated with a workout like this. I know I’m not in tip-top shape just yet, but this wasn’t my first day at the gym, either. It’s been awhile since I pushed myself that hard, and now I remember why people quite literally get addicted to working out. What a rush. Plus, in the 33 minutes Cupid’s Cardio takes, I ran 3.3 miles – the farthest I’ve gone since I started running again on January 1!

If anyone is in the mood for a GOOD workout, see below (or go to the Tone It Up! post here); I did it on a treadmill, but it can be done on any cardio machine. Interval workouts are great because you can increase or decrease the intensity without having to drastically change the workout. The mph I did are in brackets – I’m hoping to have this beat in after a few more weeks of running.

Warm up for 3 minutes at a jog [6.0]

Run fast for 1 minute [7.5]

Jog for 2 minutes [6.0]

Repeat this 5 times

Sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds [8.0 – 8.3]

Jog or walk for 1  minute [5.8 – 6.0]

Repeat this 10 times

And you’re done! As hard as it was (and sweat-soaked as I was after), I felt great. So great that I did their Bikini Strap workout before calling it a day. All that hard work let me enjoy the yummy food my family made for our party with no guilt. Thanks, Cupid!

On a side note, for breakfast this morning I tried some chia seed pudding, again, from Tone It Up! (I might be slightly obsessed with this website). Despite my initial dismay that chia seeds are edible, I have to admit: it was really tasty! And it kept me full until lunch time. I can see how the texture of the seeds might bother some people, but I was ok with it. I’m really, really glad I liked the recipe, not only for the nutritional value, but because I’d be stuck with a big bag of chia seeds if I didn’t!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a great start to the week!

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