Alright, children of the ’80s and ’90s, be honest: who didn’t have one of those awesome little Chia Pets back in the day? I can instantly recall that catchy jingle, however, if you need a refresher, check out this commercial. Adorable! I had the kitten, and to this day I believe it is the only plant I have not successfully killed.

Are you ready for the interesting fact of the day? Those little seeds have more than entertainment value. That’s right: apparently, they are edible. I know this because I got an email from today raving about the nutritional value of chia seeds, even going as far to call them the “new superfood”. 

What?! Is this real life? People are eating ch-ch-ch-chia?! 

Obviously, I was a tad skeptical, so I did a little Googling and found (to my surprise) that chia seeds are THE new thing in nutrition. The NY Times raved about them last November, and Dr. Oz is a fan. Alright, so maybe this isn’t the craziest idea ever…

Mr. Bowers and I have been talking about a major overhaul in what we eat (more on that in a future post – coming soon!), so I know I have to expand my horizons and try things outside of my comfort zone. And little seeds I used to spread on terra-cotta animals is definitely outside of that zone. But the recipes on Bethenny’s site and the ones I found online don’t seem too bad…so maybe a food date with some chia is in the near future!

Has anyone tried chia seeds before? If so, I’d love some tips and recipe ideas. And I’d also love it if the Ch-ch-ch-chia! jingle was stuck in everyone’s head for the night. You’re welcome 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-chia!

  1. I eat chia seeds (And yes I totally recall the commercial and my nephews even got Chia Pets (spongebob squarepants) for Christmas this year!) Anyways I put chia seeds in my smoothies with my VitaMix AKA The Best Blender EVER. Can’t even taste them really. Great anti-inflammatory properties. 🙂

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