Things I Will Not Miss From 2012

I feel both nostalgia and excitement around every December 31: nostalgia for all the memories made in the prior year and excitement for everything I’ll experience for the upcoming year. As this particular December 31 drew near, I reflected on all that has happened the last 365 days. My family has been through a lot but as devastating as that’s been, we’ve grown closer; I’ve made some professional strides and hope to continue doing so; Ryan graduated from EMT school and is half-way done with paramedic school; four of my best friends had beautiful, healthy babies…the list could go on and on. While I’m thankful for all that happened in 2012, there are some things I will NOT miss from this year. I really try hard not to rant on my blog, so the list below is a little out of character. But we all are allowed a some negativity every once in a while, right? 🙂 The list below is completely my opinion, so I hope no one takes offensive. In any case, I’m sure we all have a list of people, places and things from 2012 we can’t wait to close the door on and are excited to say “HELLLL-OOO!” to much better things in 2013.

1. December 21 / Doomsday / End of the world mumbo jumbo – to anyone who believed all the hype around this: I’m sorry but I think it’s completely moronic. The theory that the Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world defies all the advances we’ve made in physics and just logic in general. I am so relieved this is all over – that is, until the next narcissistic wacko announces the next end of the world. On the bright side, the rest of us can take solace in this exhausting cycle as “survivors” of the end of time. Imagine the great “When I was your age” stories we’ll be able to tell our children and grandchildren. Really beats walking uphill both ways in two feet of snow.

2. Obama / Romney campaigning – wow, was it just me or was the 2012 presidential campaigning horrible this year? Both in volume and in pure nastiness, the political ads for the presidential candidates were cringe-worthy. According to data from the NY Times, both candidates spent close to $1 billion EACH on the campaign. Yowza. With the national debt at $16.3 trillion and climbing, perhaps we should consider some sort of cap on out-of-control political spending. And enough mud-slinging – it really makes BOTH sides look bad. Here’s to an election focused on ISSUES, not spending and name-calling, in 2016!

3. All things related to Ryan Lochte outside of his sport – Yes, Ryan Lochte is an amazing athlete. And yes, he deserves recognition as the holder of the second most Olympic medals of all time for a male swimmer. But should he be in the news for anything else.? Heck no. Ryan has proven that he’s capable of being a major tool in the public eye, so maybe it’s time to stick with what he knows best: swimming and all other activities that allow him to be shirtless and silent. (That is possibly the most sexist thing I have ever said. I am sorry for saying it and am even sorrier for really, truly feeling it.)

4. Gangnam style – the song, the dances, the tattoos…ugh. I’ll be glad to never hear and see these again.

5. The Fifty Shades series – I fear I’m treading dangerous waters with this one. I know how insanely popular this series was, which probably means most people reading this post not only read the books, but really, really liked them. I haven’t read the series, and since I don’t plan on ever doing so, my issues with the books might seem unwarranted. But when an author whose work is repeatedly slammed for its literary value is named the Publisher’s Weekly Publishing Person of the Year, I feel I’m allowed to have an issue without ever reading a page. I can definitely acknowledge the entertainment value of the series, but how can an author of a book with a “problematic” execution, writing, characters and plot (ouch) be given the same award as the founder and CEO of Amazon and the CEO of the Penguin Publishing Group? Even Fifty Shades‘s biggest fans should be willing admit that’s a shame. Plus…the subject matter just makes me uncomfortable. We are so blessed to live in a country where we can read whatever books we like, and while I’m glad women are not taking that right for granted, I’ll be so glad to see the hype around these books come to an end.

Happy New Year’s Eve!! I wish everyone a happy and safe welcome to the new year.


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