Last minute DIY Christmas Gift – Coasters

Anyone else not done with Christmas shopping yet? I’m sooooo close!

If you haven’t braved it and gone to a mall lately, know this: stores are crazy right now. And shipping-time is making online shopping an increasingly less likely option. So, if you still have people to shop for, it might be time to consider making some hot chocolate, putting on some holiday music and getting your “crafter” face on.

These DIY coasters are doubly delightful: they are ridiculously easy and they cost less than $10 to  make. You’ll need the following supplies:

* Cork coasters (most craft stores should have them. I got these at Michael’s)


* Mod Podge
* Small paint brush
* Map of your favorite place or scrapbook paper
* Stamp (optional)

First, decide what kind of coasters you want to make. For the ones for our library, I decided to make “map coasters” of all the places in Ohio that mean something to Ryan and me:

Akron – where we bought our first home and currently live
Tiffin – where we met at Heidelberg University
Ravenna – where I grew up
Fairlawn – where we got married
Lima – where Ryan grew up
Bowling Green – where I went to grad school (Bowling Green State University)
Lorain – the fire department where Ryan works
Cleveland – home to our favorite sports teams!


I got this map of Ohio from a turnpike rest stop – but places such as Wal-Mart sell them as well.

As you will see below, if you just want to make decorative coasters with scrapbook paper, just pick out the paper and stamp (if you desire).

Once you have decided on the kind of coaster you want to make, trace circles around the paper, using the coasters as a guide, and cut out.


Put a thin layer of Mod Podge on the coaster and immediately put one of the paper circles on top. Make sure the edges are lined up and set aside to dry. Continue with the rest of the coasters. When they are mostly dry, put a layer of Mod Podge on top of the assembled coaster. Again, do the same for all the coasters. This time, let them dry completely. I recommend putting at least another layer of Mod Podge on the coasters (I put two more). Once they are again completely dry, they are ready to use!


I love these because they can be completely customized to fit any personality and any decor. And they are a great gift because who doesn’t need coasters as an ally in the battle against water rings? If maps aren’t your thing, try using fun scrapbook paper. A stamp finishes it off:


I must have a “thing” for bird stamps

In any case, there is sure to be someone in your life that would enjoy these – even if that someone is yourself! We all deserve a little treat this time of year, right? Happy holidays!



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