Book Exchange Party

Last weekend, I hosted a book exchange party. I got the idea a few months ago from Pinterest, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to do one. I have so many books, and while there are few I will never be able to part with, most I won’t pick up again. I figured other people were in the same position as I was, so I knew this would be a good idea for a party.

Here’s how it worked: each guest brought books that they could bear to part with. The option was theirs: bring one, two or 100 books. For each book brought, the person received an “exchange ticket”. They could then exchange the ticket for a book another guest brought, or put them into a raffle for a chance to win prizes.

In addition, I asked each guest to consider bringing an item to donate to the Haven of Rest,  an Akron-based rescue mission that helps the homeless in our communities. What a simple way to give back while enjoying each others’ company!

For all of the details of the party and all of the pictures, check our my Hostess With the Mostess page. Below are a few of my favorite pictures of the day.

Using a library card generator website, I made cards for each food and drink at the party. I thought it would be fun to base the refreshments on book titles. For example, “Grapes of Wrath Sangria”, “A Tale of Two Dips” and “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Lager”. I then added a quote from each book on the card, as well as the author and real book title.

The colors of the party were navy blue, gold and black. I also used this bird stamp in several places. The bags above held french fries, or as their library card said “Lord of the Fries”. I made a yummy (and low-calorie!) bacon ranch dipping sauce.

I ordered these cakeballs from Cake Kisses in Cuyahoga Falls. Turns out, the owner is a fellow Heidelberg grad! They were so good, so unfortunately, there were no leftovers. The library card for these was “Cloudy With a Chance of Cakeballs”. Ha! I love that one.

I wrapped water bottles in the same scrapbook paper that I used for table runners. Topped off with a sheer navy blue ribbon, these bottles are fancy-pants!

These are the tickets we used for the exchange. There are the birds again. I think this is my new favorite stamp!

The party was a huge success. Everyone went home with new books to read, without spending a dime, and I collected a big pile of items for the Haven of Rest. In addition, there were over 50 books left from the party – so I will be donating those to the Haven of Rest as well. The party was relaxed and fun – and several people suggested we do this again in a couple of months. I certainly hope we do that!


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