Pet Portrait – DIY

I was recently on the hunt for art work to hang above Sarge’s food and water bowl in the hallway leading out to our back door. Along with my mom and sister, I spent an afternoon looking at several stores, but I didn’t find anything that fit my two criteria for artwork:

1. It has to be unique. I want artwork in our home to be something I wouldn’t see in someone else’s, and

2. It cannot cost a lot of money, because, well, I’m cheap.

I thought about getting another canvas of Sarge made – but since that would involve spending money getting ANOTHER canvas of our dog made, I thought that might be overkill.

Then, an idea hit me. In my head, it was so easy and would cost less than $20 to make. And guess what? I was right!

The only supply I had to purchase was a blank canvas from Michael’s. With a 40% off coupon, it was just under $8. Next, I took this picture of Sarge’s profile (taken during one of our only big snow storms last winter):

In Paint, under Page Setup, I formatted it so that the picture was 400% under “Scaling”. Make sure you do a print preview to see how the profile looks. The quality will be terrible, but it doesn’t matter – you won’t be using the actual picture.

I then printed the few pages I needed in black and white. Again – you won’t be using the actual printed picture, so no need for color. And let’s remember to be green: when blowing up a picture to this size, there will be a lot of pages you won’t need. For my picture, there was 22 pages that didn’t include any piece of Sarge’s profile.

After I printed, I cut out around the pieces of Sarge’s profile. I then taped together all of the cut out pieces, so I had a giant, blurry profile of Sarge. It would be wonderful if I could show you what mine looked like – but I deleted the pictures I took off of my camera for some unknown reason. Grrrr.

Anyway, I then taped the giant profile to the canvas, traced around it with a pencil and then carefully removed the paper.

Using black acrylic paint and paint brushes I had left over from another project, I painted around the outside of the traced line of Sarge’s profile. Only one coat of the paint was needed.

The finished product:


I realize that I will win no art competitions with this, but man, I love it! It’s unique, it cost under $10 and it means something to me.


Quick reader poll: How many canvas profiles of your dog can you have in your house before people start thinking you’ve lost your mind? Because I might test that limit. : )




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