August 2012 Foodie Penpal Reveal

Foodie Penpals is a program started by Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean. Each month, participants are assigned a foodie penpal and are responsible for sending them fun foodie-type things. The spending limit is $15 and the package must include something hand-written. If you’re interested in learning more about Foodie Penpals, click the button below:

The Lean Green Bean

This is my first month participating in Foodie Penpals, and I don’t think I could have been more excited when I opened the package from Jasmine:


The first thing I saw was the spatula with Great Brittain’s flag, so I immediately knew this was going to be my kind of foodie stuff. Jasmine’s picks are great: whole wheat pancake mix, 2 bottles of vanilla (one white, one black), a bottle of dulce de leche and a jar of garden pasta sauce.

1. Kodiak pancake mix – I’m surprised I kept my husband away from this long enough to take a picture of it. Before I even had it out of the box it was shipped in, he was asking if we could make it for dinner. I’m looking forward to trying it: Jasmine wrote that it has a very distinct flavor that she loves (plus, it’s whole wheat!).

2. Vanilla – I’ll admit: I didn’t know there was white and black vanilla. I just thought it was “vanilla”. I’m going to have to do some research on these – and I’ll be starting with Jasmine’s blog (  Wow – I wish I could bake like her!

3. Dulce de leche – I’ve certainly heard of this. I’m a big fan, so I wasted no time putting some on banana muffins I made.

4. Bongiovi pasta sauce – Jasmine sent this to represent her home state of New Jersey, known as the “Garden State”. We haven’t opened it yet, but Jasmine, I’ll definitely let you know how it is! Random fun fact: Bongiovi’s son is pretty well known – he goes by the name “Bon Jovi”. How cool!

5. That spatula – LOVE it! It’s already been used several times.

Thanks so much, Jasmine! Everything you sent was great. It really made my first month in Foodie Penpals an awesome one!


2 thoughts on “August 2012 Foodie Penpal Reveal

  1. Hey Whitney! I’m so happy that you enjoyed your foodie package, thanks for the sweet compliment and I’m sure you’ll bake something wonderful. Oh and you can use the white vanilla for any frosting you want pure white, no tint from the color of the black vanilla ♥

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