Snow Leopards – Akron Zoo

In the Bowers’ house, we are big fans of the zoo. Both the Cleveland and Akron zoos have great events going on year-round, so we always make sure to get to several of them. Ryan is a HUGE fan of lions, tigers and all the other beautiful felines at the zoo, so when we go, we spend most of our time at the big cat exhibits. In May 2012, a snow leopard at the zoo had two cubs, both boys. Snow leopards are endangered, so this is a very big deal.

Yesterday, August 13th, the cubs made their public debut at the zoo, staying out for only a half an hour between 10:15 – 10:45 am. They are the cutest things!

Source of photo: The Akron Zoo

Since we can’t see them yet (stupid jobs!), we wanted to get involved in another way: the Akron Zoo is holding a naming contest for the two cubs. Voters can pick two of the following five names:

– Tai
– Layan
– Raj
– Kovo
– Sabu

(See the link above for pronunciations and meanings)

Ryan and I both voted for our favorite names: he picked Tai and Sabu, I picked Kovo and Sabu. If you’re in the mood for some cuteness, follow the link to vote for the babies’ names. Happy Tuesday!


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