High Five Friday 8-9

What a week! I’m sad that I’m limited to listing five “highs” for this week.

1. Probably the “highest” I’ve been in a while was when a co-worker gave me the ultimate compliment. It truly meant so much.

2. Ryan and I signed up for some private ballroom dancing lessons. We had our first one this week, and it was so much fun! We were able to laugh at each (and ourselves) and most importantly, we left the studio still liking each other.

3. I started running again. Ryan, my sister (Kendall), her husband (Andrew), a good friend of ours (Stefano) and I put together a relay team for the Akron Marathon this year. How the relay team works: the marathon (all 26.2 miles of it) is split up into 5 legs, varying between 3.9 and 7.5 miles. This will be the third time I’m doing this, and I’m very excited for this year because 1) I get to run the first leg, which is my favorite, and 2) they changed the course this year, so the marathon is much less hilly than in prior years. I love Akron, but my goodness, we have some killer hills around here. Even though I’m excited about running the first leg, each leg of the race is awesome. The marathon goes through some of the coolest parts of Akron, including The University of Akron, Stan Hywet and Castle Park (where we live!). And the ending of the marathon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience: runners cross the finish line in Canal Park, the stadium where the Akron Aeros play. The stadium is PACKED with people, and there is a live camera feed on the jumbo-tron as runners cross the finish line. I ran the last leg of the relay two years ago, and for a second I felt like I was in the Olympics. It was the coolest feeling. If you’re looking for a marathon to run, try Akron: it was rated one of the “11 Races to Run in 2011” by Active.com. Just another reason to love the AK-Rowdy!

4. My 10-year high school reunion is this weekend. Yikes! I can’t believe that I graduated high school 10 years ago. I’m really looking forward to seeing some classmates from RHS Class of 2002!

5. I made this for our house:


I love it! I enlarged a picture of Sarge’s profile, cut it out and traced it onto a blank canvas. I then painted the rest of the canvas black and let dry. So easy! It is hanging right above Sarge’s food bowl, and it look he likes it too:


Update on last week’s “High Five” post: Kim and Rick had a healthy baby boy! I guess I was right to change my prediction πŸ™‚ Out of my four friends who had babies this year, two had girls and two had boys. I would like to thank these amazing women for keeping all of us math-letes out there happy by staying within the rules of probability. Statistics is a wonderful thing πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “High Five Friday 8-9

  1. Always love your High Five Friday. Your Dad and I try to do this everyday by finding a high point of each day. My objective is to remind him that there are positives moments and he should concentrate on them (although I see his side…there are SO many not-so-positive moments in his day). Anyway! I wanted to comment on: Sarge’s silouette. It is AMAZING! What a terrific idea and it turned out great; love that you and Ryan are taking dance lessons and having some laughs as well. Who knows! DWTS might be…in your stars! and, the ultimate compliment…it always pays off. You and Kendall are wonderful, caring women. Your dad and I are SO very blessed and so proud of you both!

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