High Five Friday 8-3

Happy Friday! I had a lot going on this week, so time flew by. Below are my “high five” of the week:

1. One of my best friends, Kim, found out she is being induced at midnight tonight! Kim and her husband, Rick, decided to wait to find out the gender of the baby, so not only am I so happy for them and their first child, but I CANNOT WAIT to find out if she has a baby boy or girl. My guess was girl for a long time, but I’ve switched to boy. I’ll let you know if switching was a good idea, or if I should have stuck with my original guess!

2. I joined a “Foodie Penpal” blogging program that I’m very excited about starting. The program works like this: each participant is paired up with another Foodie Penpal each month and is responsible for sending them a box of food goodies. The spending limit is $15, and the food can be anything you chose: fun treat from Whole Foods, a local delicacy, etc.. Ever since signing up, I’ve been brain-storming about what Akron specialties I’ll send my penpal. One of the rules of the program is to blog about what you receive on the last day of month, so you’ll be reading more about this soon!

3. The U.S. team is kicking butt at the Olympics! The Games are pretty much the only thing we’ve had on our TV since they started. I’m so inspired by watching these athletics compete, but I am very jealous that I am not an alpha-athlete. Oh, well. I guess I have to take solace in the fact that I know more about the U.S. income tax system than they do. There HAS to be someone out there who values that more than being an Olympic athlete…right?

4. I had a good week at work this week. These don’t happen quite as often as I would like, so when they do, it’s worth a celebration. So, celebrate we will, because…

5. Tonight, my college roommate and her hubby are coming over to teach Ryan and me how to make sushi. We have been positively BURSTING at the seams all week over this. We love, love, love sushi and are very excited about being able to enjoy it more by making it ourselves. I’m sure I’ll share all the fun details in a later post!

Got to run! That sushi is not going to make itself. Have a great weekend, everyone!


2 thoughts on “High Five Friday 8-3

  1. Hi Whitney! I love the idea about Foodie Penpals. I signed up too! Wouldn’t that be a riot if we got paired? 😛

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