My Favorite Food

Because I want to sharpen my writing skills, I’ve been doing some writing exercises lately. This blog has been such a great creative outlet for me, so I am trying to work on making what I post on here as good as it can be. The exercise I was working on this evening instructed me to write about my passion for my favorite food.

Whenever I am asked about my favorite food, I always answer the same thing: stuffed grapes leaves. As often as I answer this, I inevitably get the sideways look of confusion, followed by the question: “What is that?”

Stuffed grape leaves are just what they sound like: grape leaves stuffed with rice and herbs, adding ground lamb or beef if you choose, rolled into mini “cigars”.

Kendall, Mom and me: carrying on a family tradition

But to me, they are much more than a food. The taste and smell intoxicate me. They bring me back to my great-grandmother’s kitchen, where my cousins and I would spend hours, chatting with Nana and playing cards. Nana was Syrian, and everything she made for the family was of the Mediterranean region’s cuisine. Tabouli, leban, kibi, and of course, stuffed grape leaves. Like many other families, ours was brought together by and bonded over our food.

Because of this, my favorite food is much more than a “food”. It’s years of family traditions; it’s the memory of my much-missed Nana; it’s something I hope to teach my own children to make one day. So, whenever I am asked “What is that?” about my favorite food, I smile and answer: “The best thing in the world”.

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Food

  1. Aw love this. It brought tears to my eyes. I miss Nana, too. I could go for some grape leaves right now… and kibi… mmmmm. Okay, I can’t wait til’ Thanksgiving. There I go with the fall again. 🙂

  2. The best of memories and we honored her and G-ma Lil by sharing the day of cooking our faves from her kitchen. Time to do it again! Still picking the leaves off of my grapevine. We’ll have a few hundred before fall 🙂 mmmmm

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