Baby Shower Favors

Shower favors are tricky little things: they should be something guests will enjoy and / or won’t immediately throw away but shouldn’t cost more than a couple of dollars per person (unless you have a huge budget, in which case, you are not me).

For our wedding favors, Ryan and I gave each guest a “lucky” penny and a scratch-off lottery ticket in an envelope that read “Lucky in Love” on the front. I might be biased, but I loved the idea then and still love it now: scratch-off lottery tickets are fun (especially if you win some money) and, besides the non-winning tickets, there was nothing guests would immediately pitch (unless people threw away the penny, but if they did, their loss!).

The responses from our wedding guests about the favors was great. So when I was brain-storming about favors for Lindsey’s shower, I thought doing something similar would be fun. Lottery tickets were fun for our wedding, but for the shower, I wanted to make “tickets’ that fit with the theme. Plus, since I had already made gift baskets for the prizes, I wanted the winner of the scratch-off ticket to win one of the baskets, not cash (though I’m not sure the guests would feel the same way…ha!).

I bought little white favor bags from Jo-Ann’s (these were actually wedding favor bags, but they were on clearance, so…I didn’t care) and filled them with Starburst candies. These were perfect, since the colors of the wrappers matched the color scheme of the shower.



 Thanks to Pinterest, I found a DIY way to make scratch off lottery tickets on just about anything. So easy, and only requires four things (dish soap, metallic acrylic paint, a small paint brush and contact paper).

The instructions on the site show how to make a square scratch-off area, however, since I’m more of a circle gal, I used a scrapbooking punch to cut out circular pieces of the contact paper. Circles all cut, I stuck them onto the tickets I had printed at Kinkos. This cost a little extra, but the rich colors and sturdy card stock were much better than anything I could have done at home.

I mixed the dish soap and paint according to the instructions (1 part soap, 2 parts paint) and got to it:


To make sure the design of the little umbrella didn’t show through, I did two coats of the mixture (making sure the first layer was completely dry before doing the second). Once the second coat was dry, I used some little sticky dot things (left over from our Easter egg coloring egg-stravaganza) to attach the tickets to the favor bags. I added some matching tissue paper, and voila:


Since we were expecting 36 people (including Lindsey and me), I made 40 of them. Four extra is plenty, right?

I should have known better.

The next day, my husband called me while I was at work. Apparently, the dog and cats conspired together to a) knock some of the bags off of our dining room table, and then b) simultaneously eat the candy and shred the bags. I blame the cats for getting the bags off of the table, but the eating and shredding: all on Sarge. Ugh. Of course, he destroyed SIX of them. Not four. SIX.

The only thing that saved him was that he somehow managed to ruin only non-winners. I held my breath for what seemed like an hour as Ryan scratched off each ticket attached to a chewed up bag. All umbrellas, no “You win!”. You’re off the hook this time, Sarge. I think of the stomach ache that followed was punishment enough.

Alas, I was still down two bags. However, it wasn’t like I was actually going to take a prize if I won, so I didn’t need one. And when I told her what had happened, Lindsey was more than willing to pass on a favor as well. What a doll 🙂

In the end, everything turned out perfectly. The bags looked great on the tables, and from what I could tell, everyone had fun with the scratch-off tickets. Success!


3 thoughts on “Baby Shower Favors

  1. Such a cute idea! I love it. I loved your wedding favors, too. For Jen’s shower we are having guests send back a recipe postcard (that was sent out with their invite) with a recipe they want to share with Jen. Then we are using a template online to enter the recipes and printing copies for all of the guests to take home in a cute little book! Fun, huh?

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