Cool Site – What Should I Read Next?

I’ve written before about my excitement over the ever-increasing amalgamation of books and the internet (if you missed it, check it out here). My newest find: What Should I Read Next?

On this site, when you enter the title or author of a favorite book, the site generates a list of other books you would enjoy. From what I can tell, the analysis is done based on other registered users’ favorite book lists (in other words, if I had The Road by Cormac McCarthy on my favorite book list, the site would look to other books one my list when a user entersThe Road into the search field).

To test it out, I entered one of my favorite books I’ve read recently, The Gravedigger’s Daughter by Joyce Carol Oates. The results included books written by other authors I love (Jacquelyn Mitchard and Jodi Picoult, specifically) and another of my favorite books, Drowning Ruth by Christina Schwarz (so far, so good). I then did a few searches for books and authors I do NOT like, to make sure the results this site generates are not totally random (they don’t appear to be). My final test was to enter The Gravedigger’s Daughter once again to verify the same list of books was given (it was).

My conclusion: this site is pretty legit. It passed all parts of my three-pronged test (which was extremely scientific and researched, which I’m sure you concluded while reading it). I bookmarked the website for whenever I FINALLY make it to the bottom of my “to read” list. I’m not sure that will ever realistically happen, but it’s a great feeling to have options. Check it out!


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