Basket Case!

I believe in themes. For parties, for room decor… and definitely for gifts. For the baby shower I threw recently, I opted to go beyond the candle / picture frame / scented lotion prizes typically given to the winners of shower games. Instead, I made four themed gift baskets:

I had so many ideas for the themes of the baskets, but ultimately I ended up with the four themes below. Once I had everything bought and separated into the baskets, I wrapped each basket in shrink-wrap. Then, I made tags for each gift basket by printing off a list of each item in the basket, gluing it to the paper I used throughout the shower for decoration and attaching it to the outside of the basket. Finally, I topped each basket with a festive bow (which, except for the bright green bow, are all handmade, thankyouverymuch!). I LOVED how they turned out! And I love that each basket cost me less than $12 (all but one were under $10). Much more fun and personal than a generic candle or picture frame, at about the same cost.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get good pictures of the baskets, so you’ll have to take my word that they turned out great. In fact, one of the guests at the shower asked me where I bought the baskets so she could get some for a party she was throwing in a few weeks. She was shocked when I told her I made them. What a compliment!

1. Gardening basket

What was included:
* Spade
* Gardening shears
* Hand lotion for gardeners
* Gardening gloves
* Assorted seeds (flowers and vegetables)
* Gardening caddy

2. Summer Fun basket

What was included:
* Beach ball
* Bob Evans barbeque Sauce
* Sand castle bucket and shovel
* Bubbles
* 2 bottles of flavored soda

3. Fiesta! basket

What was included:
* Gourmet tortilla chips
* Gourmet salsa
* Non-alcoholic “skinny” margarita mix
* 2 plastic margarita glasses
* Serving tray

4. Coffee Break basket

What was included:
* Bag of organic coffee
* Flavored coffee syrup
* Bag of assorted Lindor truffles
* 2 magazines (Reader’s Digest and Women’s Day)
* Decorative basket

5 thoughts on “Basket Case!

  1. The baskets are a WONDERFUL idea and how clever are you?! All for under $10-ish? Very, very well done. Professional. Could be the new trend for shower prizes!

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