Happy Friday!

Wow. Is it just me or did this week go by waaaayyy too quickly? Tomorrow is Lindsey’s baby shower (finally!), so I’ve been spending each night this week shopping, organizing and crafting into the wee hours of the morning. But it will all be worth it when her shower goes perfectly (hopefully). I’m excited to share to share more of the details about the shower on here, but that will have to wait until next week. Until then, I thought I’d try a “High Five Friday”: a blog post listing five of my “highs” from this week.

1. After all was said and done (and purchased), I came in under budget for Lindsey’s shower. Yes!

2. My husband was sworn in to the IAFF (International Association of Firefighters) on Tuesday, which means our cars now boast these awesome window stickers:


Is it bad that this sticker makes me feel better about driving over the speed limit? (I promise I don’t drive that fast!)

3. I had a long dinner with my friend, Deanna, which was spent, in part, reminiscing about our two-summer stint as employees of ODOT (Ohio Department of Transportation). It’s been a while since I laughed that hard!

4. One of our best friends called to tell us he’s proposing to his girlfriend this weekend! Eeeek!!!

5. I spent each night this week preparing for a baby shower for my best friend. It was so much fun to do something for someone I love so much!

Hope everyone had a great week!

4 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Um, Whit, I hope your best friend’s girlfriend doesn’t read this blog! 😉 Congrats to Ryan! I am jealous of your stickers!

    1. Ha! I know. I don’t think she does, but just in case, I made sure to post this AFTER everything went down. 🙂 Wouldn’t want to ruin that surprise. She said yes, by the way!

  2. So proud of you, Ry! Oh, and do ya think you could get me one of those stickers?? The police think a soccer mom in a white minivan going 5 mph over the limit is a threat to society. haha. only kidding! I’m very proud of you and all that you have accomplished (so far!). Whit, I love your ‘high five’ concept. I think I’ll start doing this…for me and for daddy.

    1. Ryan does have an extra one…I wonder what his price is? 🙂 hehe

      Thanks! I like this concept too: we all have at least five things to be thankful for during a week. I’ll definitely be doing this more often.

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