Farewell to “Desperate Housewives”

SPOILER ALERT – If you haven’t seen the series finale and plan to, this post might ruin it for you!

This past Sunday night, America said good-bye to the ladies on Wisteria Lane. At the end of a 2-hour series finale, we got a peek into the Houeswives’ futures. It was nice to see where all the girls ended up, but I was still really sad at the end. My husband thought this was hilarious, but I think the reasons behind my melancholy-ness were valid.

The Desperate Housewives series started eight years ago, in October 2004, the fall I moved into a house with six other girls for my junior year of college. To this day, I count these girls as some of my best friends, and one of the many, many things we bonded over was Sunday evenings spent watching Desperate Housewives, going to eat at Denny’s and then having a sleep-over in the living room. For the next two years we watched this show together, laughing, crying and (sometimes) rolling our eyes at what the ladies got themselves into.

After college, I would force Ryan, my now-husband, to watch the show with me. I know he didn’t enjoy the show (or, at least, he claimed not to), but it was something we shared together. My mom also got into the show, and I found out several other friends I made after college also watched. This gave me even more opportunities to say “Can you believe what happened on DH last night?!”

So, when I think of the show, I think of family and friends who are like family to me. I think of care-free days of college. I think of my husband. How can I not be sad when a show that represents all of this to me ends? And as silly as it sounds, over the past eight years I felt like these characters were my “friends”. I could see many parts of myself in one of the characters (if you can guess which one!), and those of my friends in other characters. These women had the kind of friendship that you could bet on passing the test of time and tragedy. One of my biggest worries is that over time, because of work, family commitments and, well, life in general, the “housewives” in my life will drift apart. My hope is that never happens, and this show was an encouragement that it would not. But alas, the ending of the series finale showed the different lives all the women ended up with and hinted that they did not stay in touch as promised. But I guess if nothing else, how sad I got over the end of other women’s friendship will hopefully make me fight to keep my friendships strong.

Goodbye, Wisteria Lane. I will miss you…and I will forever wonder what was in that box!!


One thought on “Farewell to “Desperate Housewives”

  1. Very well stated, Whitney. Desperate Housewives and Friends finales still make me sad. I know they couldn’t go on forever (but why??). See? LOL By the way, I loved the Desperate Housewives ending; knowing what happened to their lives. Did you get the feeling that there might be other DH moving onto Wisteria Lane? A spin-off perhaps?

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