Baby Shower Planning: Part I – The Invites

I am so lucky that three of my best friends are pregnant (and another just had a sweet baby girl!). All the cute baby stuff I get to buy, all the pictures of their adorable preggo bellies and beautiful babies…and all the baby showers!

I’m especially lucky and honored that one of them asked me to plan her shower (thanks, Lindsey!). I really enjoy this sort of thing, and it’s a great outlet for the creativity that builds up while I’m crunching numbers for tax returns. And most of all, throwing a party for a loved one is a small way I can show them how much they mean to me.

After the theme was decided (Lindsey picked a “showering” theme!), I got to work on the invitations. Anyone who has planned any sort of event knows the considerable expense and/or time that can go into the invitations. Since the invitations would be the first impression the guests will have of the event, I wanted to make sure that first impression was a good one. However, since I’m throwing the shower myself, cost is a major consideration (and making them myself was simply out of the question. My schedule in April did not allow for that!). I looked around on a couple different sites I normally use for invites and had accepted the fact that the invitations were going to be a big part of my budget…until the Living Social fairies worked their magical powers. I wrote about this deal a couple of weeks ago – talk about perfect timing! Way to go, Living Social!

Below is a picture of the invitation and accompanying insert:


Since Lindsey and her husband, Tim, are not finding out the sex of the baby, I wanted to do something fun and interactive so her guests could show which side they are on: boy or girl? By using a blank buisness card format, I wrote a fancy little poem (or not so fancy, but hey, it rhymes) to let guests know to wear blue or pink. I had stickers printed with the same umbrella decal as the invites. When everything arrived, I just put the stickers on the business cards and stuffed the cards into the envelopes with the invites.


Sorry the sticker is a “wrinkled” looking. This one sticker wasn’t looking its best, so I decided this one would be mine. The guests can have the pretty ones!

Finally, I ordered 280 return address labels with the same color scheme as the invites. I would show you a picture of them, but I don’t want my address floating around cyber world. 🙂

I was very, very satisfied with these invites! The quality of the paper was excellent, and the selection of products was HUGE. Lindsey wanted to go with a simple design (which I loved), but there were so many options for any kind of event. Ready for the icing on the cake? I got all of this (40 invitations with envelopes, 280 return address labels, 50 business cards and 48 stickers) for the cost of the Living Social deal: $10! I had to pay $14 for shipping and around $18 for postage to mail the invites, so the total cost was $42. However, I only used about 40 of the return address labels, so without the cost of the address labels I have left and will use in the future, the total cost of the invitations was just over $29.

Heck yes! I love being under budget, and I especially love saving money. I’ll share more details of the shower as we get closer. Next up: favors, decorations, and more…to be continued!

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