My pre-Easter weekend, Part II

My original intentions were to get this posted before Easter…but this last week got away from me. Oops! Guess I’ll have to settle for a post-Easter pre-Easter post.

Sunday marked the day my mom, sister and I picked for our annual Easter egg coloring get-together. Every year, we get together with the men in our lives to eat some good food and decorate for our favorite Spring holiday. We always come up with creative ideas, and this year was no exception:

Easter Eggs 2012

This year, we used double-sided sticky dots and glitter to add some sparkle. We also took a tip from Martha Stewart and wrapped some eggs in thread. Thanks to a suggestion from my mom, we used pieces of a sponge to make a super cool camo effect.

Kendall, coloring some awesome eggs

Since we have a little cutie pie on our hands, the day wouldn’t have been complete without an Easter egg hunt.

My nephew - Easter egg hunting pro


Isn’t he the cutest? 😉

Hope everyone had a great Easter!


2 thoughts on “My pre-Easter weekend, Part II

  1. We didn’t have the Egg War this year…I was saving, saving that special egg that would beatcha y’all. Ate it last night. The trophy is safe and I will keep it polished…ready for the next winner. After all, it just might keep its spot on OUR mantle again 🙂

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