My Pre-Easter weekend – Part I

Easter is one of my favorite holidays: it means that spring is here (or at least getting close), that it’s time to color Easter eggs and that our Lord is risen! This weekend I got to celebrate a little bit of everything Easter has to offer. Because there is a lot to share, I will split it into two posts: Saturday and Sunday.

First, Saturday. I spent a couple of hours Saturday morning with a group from my church preparing for the Easter Vigil Mass next Saturday. It was definitely a great and inspiring way to kick off a weekend I’d been looking forward to for a while. Then, Ryan and I went on a middle-of-the-day-date: an adult Easter egg hunt at a local winery. This was the first year we did it, and we’ll definitely be going again next year! For $7 a person, we strolled around the beautiful winery and hunted for plastic eggs, while sipping on a glass of wine. Each plastic egg had a piece of candy and, if we were lucky, a coupon to a local business or a prize from the winery. While we didn’t win the grand prize of wine gift basket, we did get a couple of coupon’s to a local sandwich shop and a free T-shirt from the winery.

Easter egg hunt + wine = 🙂

After we picked out the T-shirt (I picked an AMAZINGLY soft long sleeve T-shirt), we headed to lunch to use our sandwich coupons. I’m so glad we did: we had never heard of Shisler’s Cheese House in Copley, but we’ll definitely be back. The food at their deli is fresh and dee-lish, and their wine and grocery store has a ton of choices you cannot find at chain stores. Definitely a successful afternoon!

Enjoying the weather at Wolf Creek Winery

After that, we headed home to talk Sarge for a walk and get ready for a night out with one of my best friends from elementary/middle/high school and her husband: Katielynn and Trey Wallace. We share a love of the folk/bluegrass singer Alison Krauss. We got to see her last fall in Warren and again Saturday night when she came to Cleveland (yay!). After a fun and yummy dinner at Bricco in downtown Cleveland, we enjoyed a fabulous concert at Playhouse Square.

A night out with good friends

I went to bed with a huge smile on my face…reflecting on a perfect Saturday and looking forward to what I had planned for Sunday.

To be continued 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Pre-Easter weekend – Part I

  1. How much fun is that! Tis a great idea to have an Easter egg hunt for adults. Although it will ALWAYS bring to mind the children’s Easter egg hunt we took you to when you were almost two yrs. old. 🙂 The one and only time we put a child of ours through a public (city-wide) organized egg hunt. LOL. Luckily, you don’t remember it! Because of that, we kept it on a smaller scale (at home, at grandma’s house, at company events) and you and your sis, to this day, still love a good Easter egg hunt!

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