Shop and Do Good

What do you get when you combine shopping, Groupon-like deals and giving to a good cause? Besides a fatter wallet and warm, fuzzy feelings, you have Sounds like my kind of site. Here’s how it works:

Sign up at and buy one of the site’s deals. For example, earlier this month, you could purchase a $40 credit for Good on Paper (an online paper store with customizable thank you cards, sticky notes and much more) for just $20.

After your purchase, the site will send you a “Goodie Voucher” email with a code. When you’re ready to shop, use this code in the coupon/promotional code area when checking out with your purchases.  You deal will be applied after the code is entered.

And the best part? 20% of the cost of the purchased deal is donated to a charity of your choice. So, in our example above, $4 from the $20 Good on Paper purchase would go to your choice of one of the three charities the site is featuring that month. is adding more deals and charities everyday (when I checked last night, the site had donated over $38,000 to charities), so consider checking out this site when doing your online shopping. Getting greats deals while contributing to charity? Win-win.


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